Two years. Term begins in January, but will attend the Fall Conference Team Meeting just prior to assuming duties.


By Election.


Member of NAFSA; commitment to serve and to attend regional and national conferences; confirmed institutional support for participation on Region II Team.


  1. Determine interests and needs of community colleges with respect to national and regional trends and issues;
  2. Represent the regional community college concerns to the Region II Chair and team;
  3. Keep abreast of other regions’ community college initiatives;
  4. Ensure community colleges are aware of resources available through the region and from the national office;
  5. Encourage and solicit session proposals for the Fall Conference;
  6. Assist the Region II Chair in conference programming;
  7. Identify potential contributors and promote their participation as presenters or potential Region II team members;
  8. Prepare and present at the Region II Team Meeting at the Fall Conference a written report of  activities and issues facing community colleges;
  9. Work with State Representatives to promote participation in workshops, conferences, and other training opportunities at the national, regional and sub-regional levels;
  10. Help identify outstanding presentations in the field for inclusion in the national conference.
  11. Participate fully as a leader in NAFSA by attending the Region II Fall Conference and attending the Team Meeting, governance meetings and other sessions identified by the Chair as important; by attending the national conference and attending Region II Team meetings, sectional meetings, and the governance meetings and other sessions pertaining to important association business.