Three years. Term begins in January, but will attend the Fall Conference Team Meeting at Region II Conference just prior to assuming duties. First year is Conference Planner in Training assignment. Second and Third years are Conference Planner assignment.


By nomination.


Conference Planner in Training:

  • Keep minutes of the spring Executive Committee meeting and of Regional Meetings at the NAFSA annual conference and at the Region II conference
  • Archive minutes of Regional Meetings by sending to the Web Communications Representative to post on website
  • Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Chair or Conference Planner
  • Solicit Chair for LAC for the conference this person will be planning.
  • Attend the Executive Committee meeting held in the spring

Conference Planner:

  • Work with the co-chair(s) to set up LAC committees and assign responsibilities for local arrangements
  • Serve as liaison between the regional team and the Local Arrangements Committee
  • As directed by the Region II chair, represent the Team when working with groups at the conference site, including hotel staff, visitors’ bureaus, local universities, etc.
  • Assume responsibility for all conference programming outside of the workshops and sessions, including hospitality, special events, breaks and meals, etc.
  • Make decisions as needed to allow the LAC to complete arrangements
  • Along with LAC Chair, promote the conference at other events prior to the conference (e.g., state meetings, Regional Updates, and prior Regional Conferences)
  • Provide regular updates to the Region II Chair; consult with the chair and the Region II team when planning special events, entertainment, and the scheduling of conference workshops and sessions.
  • Work with NAFSA National representative to provide Experient with information to create program application
  • Collaborate with Exhibitor coordinator to solicit exhibitor

Travel Obligations

  • January: Washington Leadership Meeting (3-days) paid for by NAFSA National and Region II
  • March: Spring Executive Team conference planning (3-days) onsite at location for Region II
  • Conference, paid for by Region II
  • May: NAFSA Annual Conference
  • Fall: Region II Conference