Grant Applications

All grant applications can be found in the Forms folder in the Region II Network Library.

NAFSA Advocacy Day Travel Grant Program

Region II offers travel grants to support regional representation at NAFSA's Advocacy Day in Washington D.C., which takes place March 16-17, 2020. In this two-day professional development opportunity, NAFSAns are trained by NAFSA staff to become advocates for International Education goals. Advocacy Day participants make visits to their Congressional delegation offices, meet with Congressional staff members, and discuss a variety of IE goals as they pertain to Congressional action. You go with fellow NAFSAns on these visits and you have all the help you'll need in the form of background information and leave-behind messages.

Region II is awarding ten grants in support of attending NAFSA Advocacy Day. Grants are meant to offset, not cover all costs associated with attendance. The maximum grant award is $800.

Grant Information

Grant deadline is Friday, January 10, 2020. Winners will be notified prior to the early bird deadline on January 22, 2020.

Region II Grant Application
Select the Forms folder, and then select Advocacy Day Application

In order to be considered eligible for a Region II Advocacy Grant, applicants must:

  1. Be current NAFSA members.
  2. Reside or be employed in Region II.
  3. Apply for Advocacy Day attendance through NAFSA.
  4. Make an Advocacy Day presentation at home institution/organization, state conference, international education gathering, or NAFSA event upon return.
  5. Within one month of the completion of Advocacy Day, create a multimedia presentation (power point, blog, etc.) for the Region II website.
  6. Attend the entire program to receive grant funding.
  7. The recipient will be expected to co-present with a NAFSA board or staff member at the regional conference following Advocacy Day attendance. If the recipient is unable to attend the regional conference, s/he will create a multimedia presentation that may be incorporated into an advocacy presentation. (This may be the same multimedia presentation prepared for the Region II website.)


Costs will be reimbursed up to the $800 limit of the grant based on the following criteria:

  1. Reimbursable items include:
    • Travel, limited to the most economic means of travel
    • Hotel
    • Food, using federal per diem rates
  2. Recipient must submit the following in order to be reimbursed for expenses:
    • A Reimbursement Request form (which can be obtained from the Region II network)
    • An original receipt for each item for which reimbursement is requested
    • Submission of the multimedia presentation to the Region II chair and/or other verification determined by the Region II chair.

No individual is eligible to receive this grant more than once in any five-year period. Visit NAFSA’s Advocacy Day page to learn more about the itinerary, briefing materials, template letters to request approval from your supervisor to attend, and more.

NAFSA Region II Travel Grants for Regional Conference

Purpose: The purpose of the NAFSA Region II Travel Grants is to provide an opportunity for individuals working in Region II as professionals or volunteers in the field of international education to attend the NAFSA Region II Annual Conference.

NAFSA Region II State Activity Grants

Purpose: Region II strives to support the eight states within the Region and the activities within those states that enhance outreach to International Educators at all levels. The purpose of the State Activity Grant is to provide funding for a state meeting or activity that benefits the mission of those working within the field of International Education. We encourage a creative approach when considering how to use these funds. Past funded activities have included state meetings; webinars, workshops, or speakers with attendance by international educators from multiple institutions; advocacy activities that benefit the field and those working within the state, etc. All requests will be considered. The maximum single award amount for a State Activity Grant is $500.00. States may apply for multiple grants per year, however preference will be given to those states who have not yet received funding in a calendar year.

NAFSA Region II Professional Resource Grants

NAFSA Region II has decided to continue funding the Professional Resource Grants for 2015. In an effort to support those institutions in Region II with limited resources, these funds will be awarded in the form of grants for the purchase of professional tools or resources which would aid an individual or a unit in performing their daily responsibilities. Sample funding opportunities include: purchase of the Advisor's Manual or comparable publications, participation in an e-training (CEP) through NAFSA, etc. Approximately 8 awards are available for up to $325. To apply for a professional resource grant, please submit a letter of interest detailing your current professional position, the proposed use for the funds, and how this award will benefit you or your institution in your daily work. Applications should be submitted to the Region II Chair-Elect.

We will offer two application deadlines. The first deadline is April 15. The second is October 15. Four awards will be given after each of the deadlines.

NAFSA Region II Reimbursement & Expense Report Procedure

Grants are issued in the form of reimbursements after the event or activity has taken place. If you are award a grant, the following items will need to be completed and sent to the Region II Treasurer in order to receive the reimbursement:

  • A single PDF scan of all receipts
  • New Vendor Form
    • Fill out this form with the information for the person or entity that should be reimbursed (likely yourself or your office/organization)
    • If you (not your organization) are to be reimbursed, simply enter your information (you are then the vendor
    • You can skip the Tax ID field if you are being reimbursed (you must enter this if your office/organization is being reimbursed) 
    • You only need to enter information in one section (the top section) and you only need to fill out one address (this is the address where the check will be sent) 
  • NASFA Region II Expense Report
    • The expenses that you enter on this form will likely total more than the amount of your grant. 
    • You will only be reimbursed for the amount of your grant award.