Sunday, Nov. 4

  • F-1 Update: A Year in Review (duplicate-Option 1)
  • Advising Students and Scholars Processing Toward Lawful Permanent Residence (a "Green Card")
  • Managing CPT Issues - A Multicampus Perspective
  • International Secondary (High School) Credentials for Freshman Admissions
  • Taking Initiative: Experiential Learning in International Education

Monday, Nov. 5

  • Training Student to Deal With Culture Shock While Abroad
  • DHS' Private Sector Office - Here to Help Advocate for International Education
  • F-1 Update: A Year in Review (duplicate-Option 1)
  • Registrars and Study Abroad Directors - Collaboration is Key!
  • Scholar Advising Update
  • Collaboration or Collision: International Admissions and Academic Partnerships in Recruitment
  • Albatross: A Cross-Cultural Simulation
  • SEVIS Update (duplicate - Option 1)
  • Sending International Students Abroad...Again

Tuesday, Nov. 6

  • A Study on the Educational Systems in Central America
  • It's Not all Play: Games for Experiential Learning
  • H-1B=Headaches for International Students: Advising Remedies Prescribed
  • SEVIS Update (duplicate - Option 2)
  • Maintaining Harmony in International Education Through Ethical Practice
  • Survival Kit for New F-1 Advisors
  • Alternative Programs to Study Abroad: Teaching Abroad, Room 400 Volunteering, Paid Work/ Internships, and Peace Corps

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Pinnacle  Student Insurance Conference bags
The Language Company Continental Breakfast
UnitedHealthcare Student Resources Continental Breakfast
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International Academic Credential Evaluators, Inc. Past Chairs Breakfast
Global Santa Fe Plenary Luncheon
Rice University Travel Grant for Newcomers