Explore the complete list of past Region III chairs and regional conferences.

Year Chair Institution of Chair Conference Site Conference Highlights
2022 Jose Martinez University of the Incarnate Word Corpus Christi, TX  
2021 Telba Espinoza-Contreras Northwestern State University Virtual Conference  
2020 Jeffery Simpson Oklahoma State University Virtual Conference  
2019 Lauren Jacobsen University of North Texas Addison, TX  
2018 Karl Anderson University of Arkansas Little Rock, AR  
2017 Amanda Brinlee Texas A&M University San Antonio, TX  
2016 Mark Powell Texas A&M University at Commerce New Orleans, LA** (with Reg. VII) View Conference Highlights
2015   Elle Shroyer University of Oklahoma Norman, OK View Conference Highlights
2014 Jane Clarke Edge Hill University Fort Worth, TX View Conference Highlights
2013 Diana Klinghagen Tulsa Community College Rogers, AR View Conference Highlights
2012    Claudia Graves Southern Methodist University San Juan, PR** (with Reg. VII) View Conference Highlights
2011 Glenn Freeman/Samanthia Slaight North Lake College Oklahoma City, OK View Conference Highlights
2010 Samanthia Slaight North Lake College New Orleans, LA View Conference Highlights
2009 Olga Grieco University of North Texas Dallas (Addison), TX View Conference Highlights
2008 Bob Crosier Texas Tech University Merida, Mexico* (with AMPEI) View Conference Highlights
2007 Adria Baker Rice University Austin, TX View Conference Highlights
2006 Julie Sinclair Oklahoma City University Little Rock, AR View Conference Highlights
2005 Dan Erickson Louisiana Technical University Colorado Springs, CO** (with Reg. II)  
2004 Michele Stelljes Baylor College of Medicine Corpus Christi, TX  
2003 Brenda Robati The Language Company New Orleans, LA  
2002 Anita Gaines University of Houston Oklahoma City, OK  
2001 Michael Freeman University of Arkansas Fort Worth, TX  
2000 Robert Watkins University of Texas-Austin Monterrey, Mexico*  
1999 Rebecca Crowell Collin College Hot Springs, AR  
1998 Regina Henry Oklahoma State University Galveston, TX  
1997 Sue Marlay Arkansas State University Lafayette, LA  
1996 Beverly Heyen Brookhaven College Tulsa, OK  
1995 Linda Jahn University of North Texas San Antonio, TX  
1994 Jean Ringer Texas A&M University Fayetteville, AR  
1993 Jane Dunham Rice University Mexico City, Mexico* (with AMPEI)  
1992 Mary Ann Kelly Oklahoma State University Oklahoma, OK  
1991 Rose Mary Valencia Univ. of TX Health Science Center Houston, TX  
1990 Bill Lennon Tulane University College Station, TX  
1989 Sandy Slattery Southern Methodist University Baton Rouge, LA  
1988 Patricia Lazo University of Texas-Arlington Tulsa, OK  
1987 Millie Audas University of Oklahoma Little Rock, AR  
1986 Tom Hoemeke North Texas State University El Paso, TX** (with Reg. II)  
1985 Leroy Broussard University of Southwest Louisiana Fort Worth, TX  
1984 Al Mladenka Texas Christian University New Orleans, LA  
1983 Judy Young University of Texas-Arlington Austin, TX  
1982 Michael Fels El Paso Community College Oklahoma City, OK  
1981 Michael Fels El Paso Community College Memphis, TN** (with Reg. VII)  
1980 Jacob Koehl University of Southwest Louisiana San Antonio, TX  
1979 Jacob Koehl University of Southwest Louisiana Bossier City, LA  
1978 Charles Aanenson Oklahoma State University El Paso, TX** (with Reg. II)  
1977 Lucy Keller IIE Houston, TX  
1976 Inge Jordahn Louisiana State University New Orleans, LA  
1975 Douglas Wilson Oklahoma State University Tulsa, OK  
1974 Henry Akins Little Rock University Little Rock, AR  
1973 Margie Kidd University of Texas-Austin Fort Worth and Monterrey, Mexico*  
1972 Louis Schwartz University of Southwest Louisiana Lafayette, LA  
1971 Leo Bailey Texas A&I University Corpus Christi, TX  
1970 Erin Schmidt Louisiana State University New Orleans, LA**(with Reg. VII)  
1969 Turner Blount, John Hartshorne University of Oklahoma, Texas Tech University Oklahoma City, OK  
1968 Michael Kamis Louisiana State University Baton Rouge/New Orleans  
1967 Robert Melcher Texas A&M University College Station, TX  
1966 Gail Martin IIE Hot Springs, AR  
1965 Tom Stover Texas Tech University New Orleans, LA** (with Reg. VII)  
1964 Edward Bitar Louisiana State University    
1963 Walter Allen University of Houston Austin, TX  
1962 Edith Sidwell University of Tulsa Houston, TX  
1961 Samuel McNeely Tulane University New Orleans, LA  
1960 Norman "Brownie" McNeil Texas A&M site unknown  
1959 J. Frank Davis Univ. of Southwest Louisiana Lafayette, LA  
1958 Gene Russell University of Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma  
1957 Samuel McNeely Tulane University Baton Rouge, LA  
1956 James Wyatt Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, LA  
1955 Joe Neal UT-Austin Houston, Texas  
1954 Hosted by Dr. Farington; Joe Neal was chair University of Houston Houston, Texas  

*  Meetings outside the U.S.

** Bi-Regional

NOTE: Walter and Claire Allen, Jim Whitehead, Inge Jordahn, Joe Neal and others may have served where no chair has been indicated.