Important Dates

  • Registration Opens: End of August
  • All-Region Summit Begins: October 4-22, 2021
  • Region III Programming:
    • October 7, 2021 (morning)
    • October 8, 2021 (afternoon)


The theme for Region III is “Celebrating Diversidad, Histoire & Resilience.”

Region III Schedule-at-a-Glance

We look forward to seeing you on October 7 and October 8 for the Region III program at the NAFSA All-Region Summit!  Please view the schedule below for a list of Region III sessions and events. All events listed on the schedule are included in the price of registration.

Please note: All information listed below is subject to change – check back regularly for the latest schedule and details about Region III events and sessions.

Day 1: Thursday, October 7, 2021, 9:00 a.m. CST – 2:00 p.m. CST  

  • State Meetings
  • Newcomers Meeting
  • Sessions:
    • Critical Language Advising Skills for the Non-Language Learner
    • Strengthening DSO Resilience by Reducing Liability
    • A Nuts and Bolts Guide to Reinstatement
    • Changing landscape of grading practices in certain Latin-American countries
    • Developmental Study Abroad Advising
    • Career Integration: Collaboration Between Education Abroad and Career Services
    • Coming Full-Circle: Supporting students’ identities from recruitment through re-entry
    • The Fulbright Program: Translating Professional Development Opportunities to the Community
    • International Relationship-Based Marketing for Small Faith-Based Institutions
    • Create Community; Collaborate with Colleagues Across Campus and Beyond
    • The Wild West of F-1 Influencers

Day 2: Friday, October 8, 2021, 3:00 p.m. CST – 7:00 p.m. CST

  • Diversity and Minority Serving Institutions Forum:
    • The Diversity & Minority Serving Institution (MSI) Forum is a 60-minute session involving a guided open discussion and focus on resources available to MSI's including HBCU’s, HSI’s, AANAPISI’s and TCU's. Internationalization examples and strategies used at MSI’s to bolster their programs will be shared to help participants better navigate the current and future climate of International Education.
  • Sessions:
    • LGBTQ+ Focus: Reflection on how identity influences the EA experience
    • International Admissions and Services, When Do You Pass the Baton?
    • In Their Shoes: Understanding the Unique Constraints of International Students
    • Real Issues, Real Solutions: Every International Educator is an Advocate
    • When Passive Income Isn’t So Passive & Dangers to F-1
    • Language Testing at Home
    • Returning to Work as Our Authentic Selves: A New Normal
    • Does NCAA NIL Bench F-1 Student Athletes?
    • Remote Disruptions! Evaluating the COVID-19 Adaptations for a New Era
  • Closing Ceremony

Each year, the fall season is marked as a time for NAFSAns across the United States to convene for professional development and networking at fall Regional Conferences. To assess the prospect of in-person conferences in 2021, NAFSA staff conducted extensive research, reviewed NAFSA regional leader feedback, and consulted liability experts. Based on our findings, and especially the deep concern for the safety of our community, the NAFSA Board of Directors has concluded that we will not convene our constituents in person for fall Regional Conferences. This was a challenging decision especially as we see the vaccine rollout continue, though our commitment to the health and safety of our community remains steadfast.

NAFSA remains committed to NAFSA’s new strategic plan of educate, advocate, and innovate. In this spirit of innovation, NAFSA’s Regions are pleased to share that the fall season will remain a convening space for NAFSAns across the United States through the NAFSA All-Region Summit, a combined virtual event! Housed on one platform, NAFSAns will gather virtually to take part in unique regional offerings, as well as engage in shared networking and activities on October 4 through 22. Attendees will access region-specific content by logging onto the platform for their designated days and selecting their region from the main landing page. This first-ever combined online event will broaden learning and engagement across all regions. Attendees will have access to all regional offerings throughout the October dates, so learning and professional development is not limited to one region.

Additional information about Region III’s content will be posted on this page as it becomes available. To learn more about the NAFSA All-Region Summit, visit the event homepage.

NAFSA Region III looks forward to connecting with you at the All-Region Summit in October!