Region VI Champion of Diversity and Inclusion in International Education

This award recognizes the efforts of an international education professional to enhance greater access, to cultivate broader perspectives, and to celebrate the diversity of the international education community. These efforts might be achieved by working to create access and provide support to underrepresented and underserved student (both domestic and international) and scholar populations. These efforts could include specific initiatives, programming, outreach, and/or strategic planning. Good candidates may also have focused efforts on diversity and inclusion within the field of international education itself though concrete efforts to recruit and support diverse professionals.

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Award Recipients
2019 Ochmaa Escue 2020 Jie Dai
2021 Louise Yahiaoui    
2023 Sarah Warren    

Leo Dowling Award of Excellence

Every year, Region VI honors a member who has demonstrated the outstanding qualities that distinguished the late Leo R. Dowling of Indiana University, one of the "founding fathers" and an early president of NAFSA.

Nominees should possess qualities of compassion, integrity, and leadership. They also must have been members of NAFSA for at least five years and should be associated with an institution or organization that is located in Region VI.

Remember, it only takes five years, so use your imagination. Nominees don't have to be nearing retirement. Nominations can be made by means of a letter describing the nominee and should the names and e-mail addresses of two other persons who can speak about the nominee's personal attributes and professional achievements.

To submit a nomination, please find the application here!

Award Recipients
1987 Dorothy Brickman 1988 Roger Lehr
1989 Kenneth Rogers 1990 Paula Spier
1991 George Burke 1992 Laurie Zelman
1993 Kitty Burkhart 1994 Donald Nelson
1995 James Haas 1996 George Hertrich
1997 Carolyn Holmes 1998 Alan Boyd
1999 John Greisberger 2000 Katherine Hammett
2001 Kathleen Sideli 2002 Charles Nieman
2003 Kevin Harty 2004 Jennifer Adams
2005 Dee Bunge 2006 Charlene Leach
2007 Wendell Sparks 2008 Deb Lyons
2009 Karen Slaymaker 2010 Susan Carty
2011 Sally Raymont 2012 Jennifer Marinello
2013 Jenny Bowen 2014 Stacy McKay Benander
2015 Heidi Gregori-Gahan 2016 Ron Cushing
2017 Susan Snider Salmon 2018 Mary Upton
2019 Joanna Snyder 2020 Jason Hope
2021 Karla Guinigundo 2022 Jennifer Nisevich
2023 Amanda Yusko    

The George Hertrich Advocacy Award

This award was established in 1997 to honor George E. Hertrich. George was a pillar within NAFSA and a true advocate of international education and scholarship, knowledge, exchange through technology, and constructive leadership.

An integral force at Ohio Dominican College for more than 30 years, George earned respect and admiration from students, colleagues, and peers. He lived his beliefs and empowered all he met.

The George E. Hertrich Advocacy Award is presented at the Region VI conference each November. Nominees should be an active member of NAFSA, demonstrate a willingness to assist colleagues in the field, and advocate the cause of international education within his/her own institution as well as with the greater community.

To submit a nomination, please find the application here!

Award Recipients
1997 Martha Wailes 1998 Heidi Gregori-Gahan
1999 George Burke 2000 Sally Raymont
2001 Suzanne Kifer 2002 Karen Edwards
2003 Sara Allaei 2004 Monica Plunkett
2005 Joanna Holvey Bowles 2006 Jenny Bowen
2007 Patricia Biddinger 2008 Karen DeGrange
2009 Susan Sutton 2010 Dru Simmons
2011 David DiMaria 2012 Andrea Barnard
2013 Sandi Lemons 2014 Sam Lockhart
2015 Molly Heidemann 2016 Stephen Swan
2017 Amanda Yusko 2018 Rendy Schrader
2019 Karen Slaymaker 2020 Abby Conder
2021 Rachel Hosler    
2023 Franny Henkel    

Dorothy Brickman Award for Outstanding New Professional

This award is presented to an outstanding individual who has been in the profession for less than three years. Any nominees must be a member of NAFSA who has made significant contributions to his/her campus, the regional organization, and/or the field of international education.

This award shall be accompanied by a complimentary registration to attend the following year's regional conference. The purpose behind this award is not only to recognize the achievements of the new professional to date, but to encourage the new professional to remain actively involved in the organization through conference participation.

To submit a nomination, please find the application here!

Award Recipients
2003 Cara Besch 2004 Kara Pike
2005 Stephanie Leslie 2006 Meri Linn Emerson
2007 LaShone Gibson 2008 Amanda Yusko
2009 Ryan Meyer 2010 Laura Gerth
2011 Frank Merendino 2012 Jen Ward
2013 Nazanin Tork 2014 Autumn Beechler
2015 Qin (Jesse) Jiang 2016 Serenity Wright
2017 Camila Le Master 2018 Erik Gaarder
2019   2020 Courtney Smith
2021 Caitlin Johnson 2022 Kevin Sullivan
2023 Jackie Zubin