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  1. In the subject of your message, please provide an honest and accurate description of your query or posting.
  2. Postings are restricted to NAFSA Region X business, or open discussion of issues in international education.
  3. We request that users follow the guidelines for etiquette outlined for INTER-L and SECUSS-L, the discussion lists used nationally by members of NAFSA.
  4. No direct advertising will be allowed by "for-profit" businesses. Companies or individuals may apply to the region's marketing/development representative for information on policies and cost of advertising to the regional membership via e-mail or paper mailings.
  5. No indirect advertising will be allowed. If you are unsure, please contact the Region X Chair Stream
  6. Users who violate the guidelines will be unsubscribed from the discussion list at the discretion of the Region X Chair Stream.
  7. In order to clarify your message for recipients of the list, please use the following acronym in the subject line to identify which professional section(s) your query or announcement refers. Examples:

    Example Subject Line: IEM: Chinese Transcript Question
    Example Subject Line: EA: Pre-Departure Orientation Ideas
    Example Subject Line: RP: Visa Question
    Example Subject Line: TLS: Update to International Education Research Database
    Example Subject Line: ISSS: How Early Do you Mail out I-20s?
    Example Subject Line: IEL: Professional Development & Leadership Opportunities
    Example Subject Line: ALL: What Technology do you use in your office? OR ALL: Job Opening at XYZ University

    (Note: IEM - International Enrollment Management, EA - Education Abroad, RP - Regulatory Practice, TLS - Teaching, Learning, Scholarship, ISSS - International Students and Scholar Services, IEL - International Education Leadership)

    Such designations will help you reach your targeted audience more effectively and allow non-interested parties to delete the message and speed up their day.

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