The role of the NAFSA Region XII reg ombud (formerly CIPP-RRs) is to help advisers with immigration problems, give information about the F and J regulations, plan the regional conference regulatory sessions, and serve as the Region XII liaison with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The reg ombus also serves as an advocate for NAFSAns who have a problem with an application that has been filed at the USCIS California Service Center (CSC).

When to Contact the Reg Ombud

If an adviser needs general information, he/she should first try to find assistance through the KC-ISSS Network of Advisers located on the general immigration information Web page.

If then additional assistance is needed, contact one of the reg ombuds. Cases that are time-sensitive or are very complex should be referred to the appropriate reg ombud without having gone through the other procedures.

Reg Ombud Contact Information

Region XII currently has two reg ombuds. Please contact the appropriate person to assist you.

Reg Ombud - F-1 Students Reg Ombud - Scholars
Nusha Shishegar
Glendale Community College
Matthew Loehrer
University of California, San Francisco