Position: CEP Workshop Trainer
Term Dates: Open throughout the year

A CEP Workshop Trainer is a current Trainer Corps member who works collaboratively on a team with approximately 1-3 others to deliver a given CEP Workshop at a pre-determined time/event to a group of registered participants. Each CEP Workshop Trainer on the team brings a unique set of experiences, stories, and skills that are intentionally utilized to engage participants all throughout the learning process.

A CEP Workshop Trainer is chosen to be part of a team based on content expertise as it relates to a given CEP Workshop.  In addition, all CEP Workshop Trainers play a critical role in creating and fostering an overall valuable and meaningful NAFSA workshop experience for all participants and fellow trainers. 

As a CEP Workshop Trainer you will

  • Enhance your training delivery skills
  • Contribute your expertise to the field of international education
  • Work with other Trainer Corps members to (co-)deliver an interactive, professional development workshop for adult learners
  • Represent NAFSA’s Trainer Corps and Core Education Program

Position updated December 2019

Applications are not currently being accepted.
Major Functions and Responsibilities
  • Commit to Training NAFSA Style, which includes dedicated time for planning and preparing for the training (individually and together with your team), delivering the NAFSA CEP Workshop and being fully present all throughout the workshop, and participating in a debrief/feedback session with your lead trainer
  • Conduct an in-depth review of the CEP Workshop materials for your entire workshop and take an even deeper dive into the section(s) of the materials for which you are responsible
  • Contribute to the overall training plan for your workshop delivery
  • Communicate often and openly with your lead trainer and co-trainers to ensure all tasks are being accomplished, that the team is unified, and that the highest level of professionalism is demonstrated


All NAFSA leaders are expected to foster an inclusive environment and seek to learn and understand the multicultural perspectives of the committee/team, our constituents, and stakeholders to align with the NAFSA Diversity and Inclusion Statement. An expression of leadership in this area includes:

  • Engaging the committee/team to identify and implement strategies for increased personal outreach, recruitment, and onboarding for all, especially diversity-focused and underrepresented groups
  • Increasing accessibility and participation from underrepresented groups, individuals, and institutions
  • Expanding educational content within the committees’ purview through intentional outreach and recruitment of diverse presenters and institutional types in partnership with various NAFSA groups

NAFSA: Association of International Educators is a professional association driven by its Strategic Plan as established by the Board of Directors.  The success of the association depends on the productive engagement of three key constituencies: the Board, member-leaders, and staff.  Member-leaders are advocates for the association’s mission, vision, values, diversity and inclusion, and ethical principles. They align their work closely with the Board through its vice presidents and with staff to carry out the Strategic Plan. Member-leader roles are guided by objectives assigned by the Strategic Plan, by outcome accountabilities outlined in the Standing Rules, and by position descriptions for specific roles.


Varies, but includes weeks/months of planning and preparing prior to workshop delivery. A post-delivery debrief/feedback session is generally part of the involvement and the time.

How to Get Involved

CEP Workshop trainers are selected by Lead Trainers according to each Trainer Corps member’s training profile. Each Trainer Corps member self-reports the workshops they have content expertise to train, which is verified by the Application Review Team and/or Trainer Corps chair/-designate

Reach out to NAFSA’s Professional Learning Services to learn more

Mark Your Calendar
  • NAFSA Annual Conference CEP Workshop Trainers are needed from approximately November/December—May 
  • NAFSA Regional Conference CEP Workshop Trainers are needed from approximately August—November 
  • On-Site CEP Workshop Trainers are needed at various times and locations all throughout the year