Position: CEP Workshop Trainer
Term Dates: Open throughout the year

A CEP Workshop Trainer is a current Trainer Corps member who works collaboratively on a team with approximately 1-3 others to deliver a given CEP Workshop at a pre-determined time/event to a group of registered participants. Each CEP Workshop Trainer on the team brings a unique set of experiences, stories, and skills that are intentionally utilized to engage participants all throughout the learning process.

A CEP Workshop Trainer is chosen to be part of a team based on content expertise as it relates to a given CEP Workshop. In addition, all CEP Workshop Trainers play a critical role in creating and fostering an overall valuable and meaningful NAFSA workshop experience for all participants and fellow trainers. 

As a CEP Workshop Trainer you will

  • Enhance your training delivery skills
  • Contribute your expertise to the field of international education
  • Work with other Trainer Corps members to (co-)deliver an interactive, professional development workshop for adult learners
  • Represent NAFSA’s Trainer Corps and Core Education Program
Major Functions and Responsibilities
How to Get Involved
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