Trainer Corps Involvement

Being part of a Core Education Program (CEP) Workshop training team is only one-way Trainer Corps members can get involved. Throughout your 3-year (renewable) term, you are afforded numerous short and long-term involvement opportunities. Each of these opportunities utilize the skills and expertise that you bring to Trainer Corps and provide a greater service to the field of International Education. Additionally, through each of the involvement opportunities, Trainer Corps members network with colleagues and provide guidance and leadership to the project/training at hand.

In addition to the opportunities below, Trainer Corps members are often called on to be part of content-specific focus groups and other short-term involvement opportunities. Keep in touch with your NAFSA staff partners in Learning and Training to learn more about these opportunities and more!

Position Descriptions

Trainer Corps Enrichment

"Who dares to teach, must never cease to learn." ~John. C. Dana

Throughout each aspect of the Enrichment Program, networking, professionalization, and the best practices of teaching and training are featured. These features of the Enrichment Program are carried over into the work that is done within each Trainer Corps involvement opportunity and are 100% transferable to the work you do on your campus or within your organization!

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