Position: Trainer Corps Preparation Program Trainer  
Term Dates: Two years

NAFSA’s Trainer Corps (TC) Preparation Program is delivered by a training team made up of 3 experienced and dedicated trainers.  The Preparation Program is Trainer Corps’ training-of-trainers for new inductees and returning members.  For each cycle, the Preparation Program consists of pre-Annual Conference virtual interaction with new Trainer Corps members, an 8-hour workshop for new Trainer Corps members (delivered twice on two subsequent days), and a 4 ½ hour workshop for returning TC members (Enrichment workshop) all delivered at the Annual Conference.

As a Trainer Corps Preparation Program Trainer you will

  • Represent and promote NAFSA’s Trainer Corps and Core Education Program nationally
  • Model excellence in training skills and contribute to the development of the Trainer Corps program
  • Contribute your expertise to the field of international education
  • Work with professionals from a variety of places and backgrounds to deliver a professional product

Position updated December 2019

Applications are not currently being accepted.
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