Committee: Education Abroad Knowledge Community (EA KC)
Position: Chair-Elect/Chair/Past Chair
Term Dates: Three and a half year term

The chair leads the Education Abroad Knowledge Community leadership committee (EAKC) to achieve the objectives as outlined in NAFSA Standing Rule VII, Section A. The EAKC contributes to NAFSA’s strategic objectives by hosting on-going and community-wide discussions about leading issues in Education Abroad (EA) and disseminating resources and knowledge needed for professionals engaged in EA. The EAKC chair reports to the Board of Directors through the Vice President for Scholarship & Institutional Strategy (VP SIS).

Year 1, as EAKC Chair-Elect, is focused on shadowing and assisting the existing chair, serving as leader in the EAKC Network.NAFSA community, leading the EAKC Awards Task Force, and preparing the EAKC work plan for the following year.

Year 2, as EAKC Chair, is focused on leading the EAKC through virtual and in-person meetings to achieve the assigned outcomes of the work plan, monitoring progress of EAKC activities, supporting members of the EAKC leadership team, and representing the EAKC in its engagement efforts, especially up to and at the NAFSA Annual Conference.

Year 3, as EAKC Past Chair, is focused on supporting the current chair, and serving as the EAKC representative for the NAFSA Annual Conference Committee (ACC).

Position updated March 2024

NAFSA is no longer accepting applications for this position. Please see for other volunteer roles accepting applications at this time.

Major Functions and Responsibilities
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