CommitteeInternational Student and Scholar Services Knowledge Community (KC ISSS)
Position: Chair
Term Dates: January 1, 2021 – June 1, 2024. Three-year term (one year each as Chair-elect, Chair, and Past Chair)

Provide leadership for the development and dissemination of knowledge needed by professionals who provide programs and services to international students and scholars and their families. The incumbent is an elected position and is accountable to the Board of Directors through the Vice President for Professional Development and Engagement (VP PDE).

  • KC ISSS develops and disseminates quality products, programs, and services that serve the community of international student and scholar service professionals.
  • KC ISSS supports the NAFSA strategic plan and pan-NAFSA collaborations through cross-committee and regional collaborations.
  • KC ISSS engages in the development and cultivation of member-leaders and supports the NAFSA Diversity and Inclusion statement through its outreach and recruitment.

Position updated January 2020

The application period for this position has closed for 2020. It will reopen early in 2021 for the next application cycle.

Major Functions and Responsibilities