Committee: Leadership Development Committee (LDC)
Position: Chair
Term Dates: Two-year term

The chair of the LDC manages a committee that is responsible for encouraging volunteer leadership and supporting systems to cultivate, recruit, and orient leaders.

The year as chair-elect is focused on contributing to the organizational and project management duties of the work plan, partnering with and supporting the existing chair, assuming the duties of chair in their absence, preparing the LDC work plan, and attending the Summer Coordination Meeting (with travel to Washington, D.C.).

The year as chair is focused on leading the LDC through virtual and in-person meetings to achieve the assigned outcomes of the work plan, monitoring progress of LDC activities, reporting progress to the Vice President for Professional Development and Engagement (VP PDE) throughout the year, appointing members to the LDC team as well as creating opportunities for contributions from other interested members.

The LDC contributes to NAFSA’s strategic objectives by working to ensure effective governance, leadership, communication, and coordination for the Association. The committee recommends to the Vice President for Professional Development and Engagement (VP PDE) any policies and procedures for leadership in NAFSA. The committee supports the work of the association by identifying prospects for non-board-elected positions.

Position updated January 2020

NAFSA is no longer accepting applications for this position. Please see for other volunteer roles accepting applications at this time.

Major Functions and Responsibilities