Committee: Board of Directors
Position: Member at Large
Term Dates: Three Years


In the bylaws, NAFSA’s Board of Directors is charged with the following responsibility:  

“The affairs of NAFSA shall be governed by the Board of Directors, whose duties include, but are not limited to, exercising leadership in the affairs of NAFSA; developing its policies, priorities, and positions; and providing direction for the development and stewardship of its resources through a strategic plan.”  

The composition of the Board is also set forth in the bylaws:  

“The Board of Directors of NAFSA shall consist of four (4) directors elected to their offices by the membership, namely:
a)    the President of the Association, also serving as Chair of the Board (hereinafter President & Chair), 
b)    the Vice President for Scholarship & Institutional Strategy,
c)    the Vice President for Public Policy & Practice, and
d)    the Vice President for Professional Development & Engagement; 
and no fewer than thirteen (13) and no more than sixteen (16) additional Directors-at-Large elected by the membership.  The Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer (hereinafter referred to as the Executive Director & CEO) shall serve ex-officio and shall have no vote.”

Up to one-third of the Board’s membership can consist of individuals who are not members of the association.  The remaining two-thirds must consist of NAFSA members.

Position updated January 2023

NAFSA is no longer accepting applications for this position. Please see for other volunteer roles accepting applications at this time.

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