Committee: Board of Directors
Position: Vice President for Development and Engagement
Term Dates: Three Years

The Vice President for Professional Development and Engagement (VP/PDE) provides leadership for NAFSA’s programs in specific areas, supporting professional development, enhancing engagement, delivering of services, manages diversity and inclusion, and fostering collaboration. S/he serves as a member of the Board of Directors and the Board’s Executive Committee, contributing to the governance of the association and the exercise of leadership. Under the purview of the VP/PDE are the Regional Affairs Committee and NAFSA’s Regional Teams, three Knowledge Communities: Education Abroad (EA), International Enrollment Management (IEM), and International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS), two additional committees: the Leadership Development Committee (LDC) and the Membership Engagement Committee (MEC), and the Training Coordination Subcommittee (TCS) of the Coordinating Council. These leader groups comprise the Vice President’s portfolio. The VP/PDE also advises the NAFSA professional staff on three functions related to his/her portfolio: the Board’s priorities related to Regions, the portfolio and products of the KCs and TCS, and the awards and election functions of the association.

As a member of the Board of Directors, the VP/PDE takes part in setting the strategic direction for the association in all goal areas and chairs the Professional Development and Engagement Committee of the Board. S/he may also be assigned to serve on other committees of the Board. The VP/PDE oversees the work of volunteer leader groups in the areas in his/her purview and works closely with staff partners to support these strategic goals of NAFSA’s 2014-2016 Strategic Plan:

  • Support the integration of global perspectives throughout higher education by furthering comprehensive internationalization (Goal 2)
  • Encourage and support intercultural learning to develop global competencies of students, scholars, and educators. (Goal 3)
  • Identify critical trends and issues, and champion responses that advance international education. (Goal 4)
  • Create and disseminate knowledge and resources and provide professional development opportunities responsive to the ever-changing needs of the field. (Goal 5)
  • Deepen and broaden NAFSA’s engagement with individuals and groups whose work contributes to the success of international education. (Goal 6)
  • Continue to strengthen and diversify the association’s revenue streams and organizational infrastructure to successfully meet the challenges of the future. (Goal 7)*

The VP/PDE participates in the President’s Coordinating Council that fosters knowledge and understanding of the strategic plan and achieves collaboration among member-leader groups with common or overlapping interests. S/he collaborates and coordinates with the Vice President for Scholarship and Institutional Strategy (VP/SIS) and the Vice President for Public Policy and Practice (VP/PPP), to ensure the effective work of all national leaders in the area of professional development programs. In particular, integration of the input from the knowledge community and regulatory committees overseen by the VP/SIS and VP/PPP is critical to the work of TCS, LDC, MEC, and the Regional Affairs Committee (RAC) and Regions. The VP/PDE also oversees contributions to the development of regional conference programs, as requested.

Position updated January 2020

Applications are not currently being accepted.

Major Functions and Responsibilities
Diversity and Inclusion