Committee:  Board of Directors
Position: Vice President for Public Policy and Practice
Term Dates: Three Years

The VPPPP is a key link between the membership and NAFSA’s public policy and regulatory practice agenda. His/her primary responsibilities are to work with staff to lead efforts on the following strategic objectives: “be a strong advocate for public policies that promote a better world through international education and exchange” (Goal 1); and to “advance NAFSA’s leadership position in key knowledge areas” (Goal 3).

As a member of the Board of Directors, s/he also takes part in setting the strategic direction for the association in all goal areas. The Vice President chairs the Public Policy Committee of the Board, which, working in partnership with the President and Chair, the Executive Director and CEO, and appropriate public policy staff, recommends for Board approval the public policy objectives for the Association’s strategic plan, engages the Board in discussion of key public policy matters, stays abreast of the implementation of the Association’s public policy objectives, and communicates with the membership on public policy objectives and decisions. The Vice President also serves on the Executive Committee when meetings are called by the President and Chair. Under his/her purview are the Education Abroad Regulatory Practice (EARP) and International Student and Scholar Regulatory Practice (ISS-RP) Committees.

Position updated January 2020

Applications are not currently being accepted.

Major Functions and Responsibilities
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