2023 Annual Conference & Expo

The 75th NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo was held May 30–June 2 in Washington, DC. Together, we learned and connected with peers and experts dedicated to "Inspiring an Inclusive Future." Thank you for being a part of the most diverse, comprehensive, and exciting international education conference and exposition! 

Join us at the NAFSA 2024 Annual Conference & Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Each year, the NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo hosts over 200 sessions and 40 workshops. By presenting at an annual conference, you’ll have the opportunity to build your professional network and share your experience and ideas with others.

NAFSA’s attendees represent a diversity of experiences and perspectives in international education:

  • approximately 10,000 attendees from across disciplines
  • a wide array of professional experience, with 69% having more than 5 years in the field
  • 40% international, from over 100 countries

In addition to selecting one of the NAFSA Knowledge Communities, session and workshops should align with one of the 13 content focus areas.

Still not sure if you should submit a session or workshop proposal? Read more about participant expectations of NAFSA session presenters and workshop trainers

We are unable to accept any proposals that are not submitted via our submission portal. Use the link below to start a proposal.

Submission Templates

Before you submit a proposal, consider drafting a proposal with our session and workshop templates. These templates may facilitate the completion of your proposal for you and your colleagues.

Submit proposals prior to the August 24, 2022 deadline.

Proposal Content Focus Areas for NAFSA 2023

Session Length and Room Set Up

In your session proposals, please select an intended session length of either 25 or 50 minutes, and one of three types of room arrangements. Presenters should take care to choose a session length and room arrangement appropriate for their proposal.

  • 50-minute sessions are the average length of our sessions and most accepted proposals fall into this category. Up to 4 presenters, including the Chair, are allowed in this type of session.
  • 25-minute sessions are short-form sessions and are a unique opportunity to propose a topic that will take less than the usual 50 minutes. The ACC encourages quick updates to be given in this format. Please note proposals can only have up to 2 presenters, including the Chair, on this type of session.

Evaluation Rubric and Review Process

Reviewers are responsible for reading 5-15 proposals, depending on the topic, with the final selections being made by the ACC.

Download the Review Rubric

Each proposal will be rated on a scale of 1-5 for:

  • How well the title, abstract, and learning objectives align with each other
  • How likely it is that the format and delivery methods selected will allow participants to achieve the stated learning objectives, including audience engagement appropriate to the objectives
  • How knowledgeable the presenter(s) are on the topic
  • How likely you would be to attend or recommend someone attend this session if placed on the program, given the limited number of slots available and the high volume of proposals received

Each proposal submission must also maintain compliance with the NAFSA submission policies listed on the proposal form.

NAFSA Proposal Submission Policies

All session, workshop, and poster presenters are required to adhere to NAFSA’s terms and conditions.