At NAFSA's Advocacy Day, speak out for students, scholars, and policies that matter to you! Though the format will be 100 percent virtual in 2021, your voice will be no less be powerful! A combination of pre-recorded materials, live online training, and strategizing with policy experts and your peers will give you the tools you need to educate Congress on how international education impacts your state and district and why we need a more globally engaged and welcoming United States.

Personal meetings will be scheduled for you with your elected officials or their staff in both the Senate and House of Representatives, as always, but in 2021, these meetings will be conducted virtually.

What's Included?
Who Should Attend?
Why Should I Attend?
Will I Make an Impact?
Why Do You Need My Voting Address?
Will I Represent My Institution?
Who Will I Meet With?
What Is a (Virtual) Hill Meeting Like?
What is the Schedule?
How Should I Prepare?
Do You Have Any Other Tips?


“It’s empowering and valuable and a tangible reminder that our voices need to be heard.”

“I would definitely recommend colleagues to attend so our institution gains multiple resources to build a team of local advocates, maintain and cultivate relationships, and stay informed.”

“I was nervous before the training, but afterwards felt completely prepared and confident in the meetings and made sure our voice was heard! It was great to participate in our democracy and learn how accessible our Congressional leaders are.”

“It provided great insight to how politics affects our work.”

“I think it’s great citizenship 101, plus an excellent skill set for work on our campuses.”

“Advocacy Day is a great way to connect what I do every day to the bigger issues surrounding immigration reform.”

“Great opportunity to talk about why what I do matters. It was much easier and less intimidating than I thought.”

“I really enjoy it and want to be here every year! It is a great opportunity and professional development.”