NAFSA's approach to advocacy programming in 2022 is a novel one, but the goal is the same: speak out for students, scholars, and policies that matter to you to advance the field of international education.

The March event will be entirely virtual and held over the course of two days. March 3 will feature a half-day of training on the issues with our policy experts followed by practice sessions with your peers to rehearse the congressional meetings. March 9 will be devoted to the virtual meetings. We ask all participants to block off the entire day. 

Below are answers to other important questions. Still have questions? Email us

Who Can Apply?
Why Should I Attend?
What is the Schedule?
Will I Represent My Institution?
How Many Meetings Will I Have?
What Is a (Virtual) Hill Meeting Like?
Will I Make an Impact?
How Should I Prepare?
How Will You Select the Applicants? Should First-Timers Apply?
What if I Don't Qualify Based on My State / Congressional District?