Taihua Ray Li

Meet Taihua Ray Li. Originally from China, he holds a BA in Economics and Business Management from Ripon College. He has worked on numerous projects in collaboration with Yale University regarding suicide prevention and coronary microvascular dysfunction.

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  • Earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in Economics and Business Management at Ripon College and a Master of Science degree in Predictive Analysis from DePaul University
  • Currently, data scientist at CCC Information Services, Inc. in Chicago working on artificial intelligence applications for the auto insurance and automotive industries
  • Researched data-driven STEM education methodology design for youth with the Digital Youth Network
  • Worked on a project with the Yale School of Medicine to use public data as a way of preventing suicide
  • Worked on two research projects with the Yale Center for Medical Informatics; using public social media data as a way of detecting signs of suicidal ideation and using clinical notes to more accurately diagnose patients with coronary microvascular dysfunction




Ripon College