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Please sign up for the course before registration end date. All end dates are final due to migrations of cohorts into the courses.

In response to numerous inquiries, we are offering early access to the e-Learning Courses. If you have signed up for Cohort E (originally May 1), we will grant access starting April 15. This will provide everyone currently engaged in telework with an opportunity to enroll in e-Learning Courses without having to wait until May.

This four-week, self-paced course provides a general overview of the fundamentals needed to advise J-1 Exchange Visitors to help them maintain their status during their stay in the United States. You will learn regulatory terminology, concepts and the documentation needed for orientation, SEVIS reporting, and other administrative requirements.

Who Should Register?

New international student and scholar advisers, admissions staff, and those who would like to understand the basics of the Alternate Responsible Officer (ARO) role.

Please purchase this course with your credit card through the NAFSA Shop. Please note that we are no longer able to process paper registrations and payments submitted via fax due to strict stay-at-home orders recently issued for Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

Course Objectives

  • Interpret and apply J category immigration regulations to a variety of exchange visitor categories and situations.
  • Advise exchange visitors on J program requirements to acquire and maintain status through potential program changes such as extension, transfer, matriculation, and termination.
  • Facilitate the administrative requirements of the J-1 program including forms and documentation, the bars, SEVIS reporting, and orientation.

Modules and Learning Outcomes

Six self-paced learning modules offer valuable tips in key regulatory areas such as pre-arrival and arrival information, 212 (e) and the bars, work authorization, and many other program changes like extensions of stay and transfer procedures. Frequently asked questions, a companion workbook, and self-tests are also included. In addition, you will learn where to find and access key resources to continue your learning after the conclusion of the course.

Module 1: Overview
  • Describe the spirit of the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program
  • Explain an overview of the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program and its purpose
  • List key constituencies and players and their role in the J-1 process
  • Classify EVs in the correct categories
  • Locate resources and use them to make informed decisions
Module 2: SEVIS
  • Describe SEVIS and its role in the J-1 program
  • Explain the role of the DS-2019 in the J-1 process
  • Successfully navigate SEVIS to complete specific tasks
Module 3: Pre-arrival and Arrival
  • Provide a high-level overview of the pre-arrival process
  • Identify, locate (or create), and send pre-arrival information
  • Explain key elements of the J-1 health insurance requirements and their implications
  • Describe the purpose of funding and the policies governing funding sources and levels
  • Describe the recommended strategies for preparing to complete the DS-2019 in SEVIS
  • Create a DS-2019 in SEVIS
  • Explain the guidelines governing the process of obtaining J-1 status (i.e. approaching a visa officer)
  • Describe the importance of the check-in process and how it is handled at your organization
  • Validate arrivals in SEVIS
  • Explain the importance of orientation and how your organization facilitates it
Module 4: Ongoing Events
  • Explore a high-level overview of how to maintain J-1 status
  • Explain the guidelines governing travel and retry with J-1 status and the issues that EVs may encounter
  • Explain the policies governing Work Authorization and the authorization process
  • Describe how dependents and J-2 visas impact J-1 status and the issues that EVs may encounter
Module 5: 212(e) and the Bars
  • Determine who is subject to Section 212(e) of the Immigration and Nationality Act
  • Navigate the EV Skills List
  • Read 212(e) notations on visas and DS-2019
  • Distinguish between the 12-month bar and the 24-month
  • Determine who is subject to these bars and who is not
  • Identify factors that will subject a prospective J-1 Research Scholar or Professor to the 12-month bar on initial participation and the 24-month bar on repeat participation
Module 6: Program Changes
  • Grant a J-1 Program Extension
  • Explain the transfer process and update SEVIS, referencing the proper documentation
  • Explain matriculation criteria and update SEVIS, referencing the proper documentation
  • Describe the documentation needed to end, shorten, or terminate the J-1 program for an EV