The following information has been put together specifically for the NAFSA 2021 Virtual Training and e-Learning offerings. Review the list of FAQs and reach out to NAFSA's Professional Learning Services to learn more about the trainings that are right for you.


  CEP e-Learning Course Virtual CEP Workshop Current Topics Learning Lab Annual Conference Workshops
Duration 4-10 hours over 4 weeks 4-8 hours over 2-3 days 2-hour lab component, plus pre- and post-lab coordinated preparation and follow-up 2-4 hours within a single day
Access Available every month Single offering, with possibility for future offerings Single offering Single offering
Pacing Self-paced Synchronous Synchronous lab, Self paced pre-/post- work Synchronous 
Access to experts Course dean will answer questions Real time access to expert trainers Real time access to expert trainers Real time access to expert trainers
Interaction with peers Individual learning Real time engagement Real time engagement Real time engagement
Competency-based Yes Yes Yes Focus on current issues and topics
Learning reinforcement Online workbook Online workbook and access to workshop resources webpage Post-lab follow-up Resources will be provided by trainers
Acknowledgements Certificate of Completion/MyNAFSA Transcript notation Certificate of Completion/ MyNAFSA Transcript notation MyNAFSA Transcript notation  
What is the schedule for 2021 Virtual CEP workshops?
What if a workshop/training I need or requested isn’t on the 2021 schedule?
What are Current Topics Learning Labs?
What is the pricing structure/cost for the 2021 virtual training and e-Learning offerings?
Registration Changes, Cancellations, and Refunds