On behalf of NAFSA’s Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship Knowledge Community (TLS KC), we are very pleased to introduce Issue No. 11 of the Global Studies Literature Review (GSLR). The theme, "International Education in Times of Crisis: Connecting and Reimagining International Education," could not come at a more appropriate time in the field or with more profound implications for our future.

While making New Year's resolutions and ringing in 2020, no one could have foreseen the massive upheaval and change to international education that the year would bring. The year brought challenges on a global scale that have resonated at very local levels. While the year brought many unknowns, connection and imagination are at the forefront of our future. The very crises we face have shown the need for more global understanding and exchange and the urgency of international education's mission. It is with this view that we look toward Issue No. 11 to help conceptualize and reflect on the challenges we face and our future.

We would like to thank Rebecca Hovey, PhD, and Bryan McAllister-Grande, EdD, for their work on the GSLR since its inception. Together, they founded and coedited the first 10 issues, bringing vital reviews, essays, and thought leadership that have shaped the conversation in international education. For their time, dedication, knowledge, and desire to help others learn and grow, we are grateful. We also would like to thank Sandra Crenshaw, PhD, for serving as both TLS KC liaison and coeditor for Issue No. 10 and building the foundation for this issue.

We are very excited to welcome Nick Gozik, PhD, as the new editor of the GSLR. As Gozik steps into this role with his vast knowledge and experience, we are assured of a bright future. Additionally, in her role as leader of the TLS KC's Research and Scholarship Network and chair of its subcommittee, we recognize Melissa Whatley, PhD, as the new TLS liaison to the GSLR. Whatley's work and passion for research will be vital as we move forward. We are grateful for this new leadership for Issue No. 11 and beyond.

It is with gratitude, resilience, and forward thinking that we bring you this issue, highlighting new research in the field and reflecting on its application to our changed world. As we move through these times of crisis, we hope that the network of professional acquaintances, colleagues, and friends that NAFSA cultivates and facilitates brings us to a more connected and impactful future for the field.

  • Holly Carter, PhD, Harlaxton College/University of Evansville, TLS KC chair
  • Eylem Atakav, PhD, University of East Anglia, TLS KC past-chair
  • Ji-Yeung Jang, PhD, Ohio University, TLS KC chair-elect

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Internationalization and Higher Education
Language Learning
Intercultural Communication and Learning
Critiques and Reform of Higher Education