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Issue No. 13: Recentering, Reprioritizing, and Re-Engaging a Sense of Community within International Education
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Submission deadline: September 15, 2023

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The Global Studies Literature Review (GSLR) is a peer-reviewed publication of thought leadership. Each issue focuses on a timely topic of interest with feature essays and book reviews written by a wide variety of voices—faculty members, independent researchers, international education professionals, and graduate students. Issues synthesize key information for international educators for ongoing relevant scholarly conversations around a particular topic with the intent to foster dialogues, offer a forum for the expansion of diverse voices, and inform the field regarding current worthwhile publications. Available issues may be utilized as reference materials, in curricula, and in conversations on specific topics.

International education professionals have growing interest and need for specialized knowledge, research, and synthesis of emerging perspectives in a wide range of disciplines and fields. Led by the Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship Knowledge Community (TLS KC) since 2010, the GSLR addresses a convergence of interests between the professional field of international education and the academic fields of international studies and international education. Much of the literature reviewed in GSLR issues can be directly applicable to the practice of international education. It also provides analysis of literature from other fields that may impact the work of international educators in both theoretical and practical ways. As such, GSLR is a useful resource for administrators, practitioners, scholars, faculty, and students. The publication process for GSLR may also be used as a mentoring and professional development opportunity for students and early career scholar-practitioners interested in learning more about publication processes and how to actively contribute to important conversations in the field of international education.