New Horizons in International Education

We invite you to explore the essays and book synopses in this issue of the Global Studies Literature Review, focusing on the NAFSA 2015 Annual Conference theme, New Horizons in International Education. We chose to focus on the conference theme for this issue, our sixth since launching the GSLR in 2010, to appeal to the widest possible audience among our readership and contributors. Setting our sights on the "new horizons" of the vast terrain that is international education expands our shared knowledge of how our work is changing and adapting to global influences. In many ways, our own field becomes the subject of our Global Studies focus.

Rapid change in learning environments, budgetary realities, student and scholar mobility trends, and national interests are just a few of the factors increasingly affecting international educators in the twenty-first century. "New horizons" refers to these factors, and the innovations that institutions and educators must develop in order to deal with them.

This special issue reviews the current research and literature in international education and related fields reflecting these new horizons. The pieces you will find in this issue range from new insights into student identity, to pedagogy and conceptual foundations of engaged learning, to the more far-reaching institutional and technological transformations of global higher education.

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        Internationalization and Higher Education
        International and Comparative Education
        Critiques and Reform of Higher Education
        Intercultural Communication and Language Education
        International Education and Student Affairs