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Supporting Sponsored Students from Pre-Arrival Through Graduation

This Collegial Conversation explored different ideas that provide support, leadership training, and programming for students with a scholarship. Participants discussed and shared how universities can work with scholarship providers to enhance the student’s experience and give back to the community.
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EAD Delays, Remedies, and Possible Litigation

This Government Connection featured immigration attorneys Ron Klasko and Tammy Fox-Isicoff for a discussion of the USCIS Employment Authorization Document (EAD) backlogs and processing delays, the (granted, very limited) remedies for applicants, and possible litigation to force improvements. They
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Pre-Departure Orientations for Secondary Schools

Secondary school pre-departure orientation (PDO) programs have many things in common with university level PDOs. However, additional information needs to be covered as the participants are often minors under the legal age of 18. This mandates that for all intents and purposes they are under the care
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Credential Survey of Francophone Countries

IEM Spotlight , Vol. 18, Fall Issue | Table of Contents To give readers a range of perspectives regarding the foreign academic credentials found in the country or region covered in IEM Spotlight, the editorial team surveys a number of colleges and universities, in addition to professional
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Highlights of the Shape of Global Higher Education

IEM Spotlight , Vol. 18, Fall Issue | Table of Contents By: Shanna Saubert, NAFSA Earlier this year, NAFSA collaborated with the British Council to present the latest two publications in the Council’s Shape of Global Higher Education series, one focused on Europe and the other on the Americas. The
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