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Advocacy Day

March 16 - 17, 2020
Advocacy Day 2020 registration has ended. But advocacy is a year-round endeavor! Be sure to sign up for NAFSA's advocacy updates and action alerts at
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Trending Regulatory Issues

NAFSA members facilitate the goals of international educational exchange while ensuring institutional and individual compliance with applicable laws and government policies. This page describes major immigration-related issues of concern to international educators. Consult NAFSA's Regulatory
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20 Years’ Focus on Study Abroad

NAFSA’s ongoing efforts to support education abroad professionals have contributed to a steady increase in U.S. student participation. This commitment continues today and is reconfirmed in our new Strategic Plan 2018-2020, Goal 3: Encourage and support global learning for students, scholars, and
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Become a Champion for International Education

It is apparent every day that our world is interconnected and interdependent. Tomorrow’s citizens will need a sophisticated understanding of other societies and their ways of thinking, and of the transnational challenges facing us all. Students at all levels of education need access to information
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Why Numbers Can Help You: A Data Advocacy Sheet

Do you actively use your study abroad data for planning or advocacy? How can you use data on your own campus to further the interests of the study abroad area? This resource includes some suggestions of where the use of data might help to further your cause.
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