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Mobilizing International Alumni for Student Recruitment

Is your campus doing enough to mobilize your international alumni for student recruitment? With tight recruitment budgets and increasing international student recruitment goals, building an international alumni network is a cost-effective way to tap into an often overlooked resource.
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Education Systems in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brazil

This webinar will provide an overview of the education systems of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brazil. Dr. Lou Nunes will detail the education system in Brazil, as well as explain how to evaluate credentials from Brazil to ensure legitimacy. Guy Perring will describe the higher education systems of both
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Immigration Regulations: Where to Find Them, How to Use Them

David Fosnocht, NAFSA's director of immigration practice resources, shares insights on how to find and use regulations accurately in your reasoning and decisionmaking. Using advising examples, he will show how to elicit relevant facts, overcome common misunderstandings, and identify applicable rules
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Building Relationships with Sponsored Student Agencies

This webinar covers model practices for enrollment and advising of sponsored students from different campuses' perspectives, including an intensive English program. Expert speakers discuss how to maintain good communication with the sponsoring agency, as well as how to engage and integrate the
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Beyond Brazil: Recruiting from the Southern Cone

This webinar provides a foundational overview of the educational systems in both Argentina and Chile and recruitment strategies for U.S. institutions. Presenters include a regional expert and a campus-based international recruiter who share best practices for successfully recruiting and retaining
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