The Clery Act and Education Abroad: Understanding Crime Reporting Requirements

January 29, 2015


The Clery Act requires universities to report on-campus crime, including crimes committed in education abroad locations. Learn about how U.S. federal regulations may affect your education abroad program and how you can take steps to ensure compliance.

This presentation (500kb Adobe PDF)provides an in-depth look at the Clery Act, including background information, basic requirements as well as specific requirements for Education Abroad Programs, updates in relation to other legislative acts, a discussion on implementation, and links to resources for help.

For quick access to information on Clery Act reporting, refer to this quickguide (100kb Adobe PDF).

Created by Stacey Tsantir (University of Minnesota), and Jessica Barrett Simpson (U.S. Department of Education) for the 2014 Annual Conference in San Diego, California.;

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