DOS Cable On 2009 Exchange Visitor Skills List

June 05, 2009 By: DOS Download pdf

This DOS cable advises consular posts of the 2009 Exchange Visitor Skills List, which became effective on June 28, 2009. The cable confirms that:
  • "Exchange visitors who entered the United States on a J-1 visa prior to June 28, 2009 shall continue to be governed by the 1997 Exchange Visitor Skills List, as amended, only if their country remains on the revised 2009 list. Exchange visitors whose countries were removed from the revised 2009 skills list are retroactively not subject to the two-year home residence requirement based on the Exchange Visitor Skills List, even if they entered the United States prior to the effective date."
  • "For residents of countries who remain on the revised 2009 Skills list, if the exchange visitors obtained a J-1 visa based on a previous skills list, they remain subject to Section 212(e) of the INA. This is true even if their country has removed that skill from the revised 2009 Skills List. Exchange visitors are subject, based on the skills list that was in effect when they first obtained the J-1 visa."