Logo Lily von KlempererAt NAFSA's 1988 annual conference, Lilian von Klemperer herself was the very first recipient of the Lily von Klemperer Award. Lily was founder of the education abroad profession during the mid-twentieth century and for years continued to be a true mainstay for the growing numbers of professionals in that new field. The inspiration, guidance, and training that Lily provided to all in education abroad is impossible to overestimate.

It was understood in 1988 that the award would eventually be presented in Lily's name at NAFSA annual conferences to worthy education abroad professionals who are seen still to have years to devote to the profession. The "LvK" Award seeks to recognize people who, like Lily, have "brought other [education abroad professionals] along" in the field and who maintain the highest standards of professional ethics while sharing their skills, knowledge, and expertise with all colleagues.

The nomination period for the 2020 The Lily von Klemperer Emerging is closed.

Angela Manginelli

Angela Manginelli
Angela has applied her creativity and passion to the field of education abroad, impacting institutions and students alike, in her work advocating for international opportunity across the US and cultivating young leaders through her work with returned students. Angela has many unique gifts, not the...

Zachary Frieders

Zachary Frieders
University of California, Davis
TLS Representative, Region XII
Among his more notable achievements, Zachary implemented more affordable programs during uncertain economic times and achieved success by increasing enrollments on abroad programs. He has fostered productive and amicable relationships during a time of great organizational change while at UC Davis...

Mandy Reinig

Mandy Reinig
Virginia Wesleyan University
Mandy Reinig is the director of Study Away at Virginia Wesleyan University (VWU). At VWU, she is working to increase study away participation through means of diversity and inclusion, bringing the institution in line with best practices, and developing new partnerships that create a more robust...
All Past Recipients

Listed below are the past recipients of the LvK award with their professional affiliations at the time of the award presentation.

  • 2018 Zachary Frieders, University of California, Davis
  • 2017 Mandy Reinig, Virginia Wesleyan University
  • 2016 Christina Breakell, Williams College
  • 2015 BJ Titus, University of Minnesota
  • 2014 Mark Lenhart, CET Academic Programs
  • 2013 Levi Brautigan, Villanova University
  • 2012 David Wick, San Francisco State University
  • 2011 Brad Stepan, Denmark Institute for Study Abroad
  • 2010 Natalie Mello, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • 2009 Cori Filson, Skidmore College
  • 2008 Joël A. Gallegos, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
  • 2007 Lance Kenney, Villanova University
  • 2006 Martha Johnson, University of Minnesota
  • 2005 Steven Seaworth, Butler University
  • 2004 Stephen Ferst, Rutgers University
  • 2003 Randall Martin Simon, Fraser University, Canada
  • 2002 Art Neisberg, University of Cincinnati
  • 2000 Nancy Ericksen, Trinity University
  • 1999 Cindy Chalou, Michigan State University
  • 1998 Susan Thompson, University of Nevada-Las Vegas
  • 1997 Anji Yucas, University of Pittsburgh
  • 1996 Ned Quigley, Boston University
  • 1995 Margery Ganz, Spelman College
  • 1995 Mickey Slind, University of Idaho
  • 1994 Jim Gehlhar, University of Tennessee
  • 1993 Steve Cooper, Louisiana State University
  • 1991 Nancy Stubbs, University of Colorado
Recognition of Award Recipients

Award Recipient Benefits:

  1. Award is presented at the Education Abroad Knowledge Community (EAKC) Update at the NAFSA Annual Conference
  2. Commemorative Plaque is given to award recipient
  3. An opportunity to write a blog post for NAFSA
  4. Invitation to review EA conference proposals for the following year’s Annual Conference
Criteria for Selecting Nominees

Any member of NAFSA who has been professionally active in the field of education abroad between five and 15 years is eligible to be nominated. People serving in elected positions on the education abroad team, however, are ineligible for nomination throughout their actual terms of office, and former SECUSSA and education abroad chairs remain permanently ineligible.

Selection Information

Nominations are reviewed by the Education Abroad Awards Task Force and its recommendation is sent to the chair of the Education Abroad Knowledge Community for approval. 

Please contact the EA team if you have any further questions.