Achieving More with Less: Lean Management in the International Student Office

What can international educators learn from health care, manufacturing, and other sectors? Surprisingly, a lot! In this groundbreaking publication, David L. Di Maria shows how tried-and-true lean management strategies and tools adapted from various industries can improve processes in international offices.

Core concepts—such as diagnosing and eliminating waste, applying systems thinking to organizational dynamics, and streamlining administrative processes—are made accessible to both new and experienced international office managers and other staff members through practical example scenarios regularly encountered in international student services, recruitment, and enrollment management.

At a time when most international offices must show greater returns on investment with fewer resources to allocate, this publication provides the tools and knowledge you need to make the most of the assets at your disposal.

Achieving More with Less: Lean Management in the IS Office
David L. Di Maria
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“You won’t need an MBA to use the systems-based logic and tools Di Maria provides to deliver strategic victories and help your office achieve more with less! He has created a powerful toolkit and offers compelling examples on why these strategies are so valuable.”—Tina Rousselot de Saint Céran, MBA, director of international student and scholar services, Georgia Institute of Technology

“Di Maria’s emphasis on continuous improvement, alternative ways of thinking, and change agency leads to important observations about empowering leadership and will inspire international educators to reflect on their practices.”—Roger N. Brindley, EdD, vice provost for global programs, the Pennsylvania State University