Addressing Mental Health Issues Affecting International Students

There is a growing need to develop methods and resources that address the unique mental health concerns of international communities. This important publication features helpful resources and practical, action-oriented checklists for international student advisers on topics including:

  • peer mentoring programs
  • insurance for mental health services
  • advice for handling day-to-day stressors

About the editor: Patricia A. Burak is an assistant professor in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Honors Program at Syracuse University. She also served as the director of the Slutzker Center for International Services for 32 years and as a board member of InterFaith Works of Central New York and the International Center of Syracuse. Burak has held national and regional leadership positions within NAFSA: Association of International Educators and coedited the NAFSA book Crisis Management in a Cross-Cultural Setting (2001). 

Addressing Mental Health Issues Affecting Intl Students
Patricia Burak, Editor
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“The culturally specific challenges of dealing with the mental health issues of international students is a subject that has received inadequate attention, too often leaving individual international educators to devise interventions on their own. In clear language, Addressing Mental Health Issues Affecting International Students spells out the cultural aspects of international students’ mental-health needs. The volume serves as a comprehensive guide that is grounded in real-world examples and concrete strategies that advisers can adapt and adopt.”—Karin Fischer, correspondent, The Chronicle of Higher Education

“This publication is growing in relevance as more and more students are experiencing stress and mental health issues. It is loaded with excellent information and strategies that will help international student advisers, faculty, and counseling professionals deal with these issues when they come up.”—Kay Thomas, former president of NAFSA and director of international student and scholar services, University of Minnesota

“There are many difficult issues effectively addressed here. Especially helpful are insights that focus on facilitating the transition of an international student from the international office to the counseling center, thus bridging a critical cultural and emotional gap often present when international students experience deep stress or depression. Burak highlights an excellent team of the best writers and experts in the field in this critical arena.”—David B. Austell, associate provost and director of the International Students and Scholars Office, Columbia University

“There is abundant value in the checklists and the references to current research found in each chapter. This is a requisite book for international educators to have on their bookshelf and then share with colleagues in counseling, student affairs, and other key areas.”—Nancy E. Young, international education consultant and author, The Handbook of International Student Advising, Third Edition