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Subjects Selected: International Enrollment Management

Factors Influencing U.S. Int'l Student Enrollment Growth cover
NAFSA, in partnership with APLU and INTO, conducted a longitudinal analysis of factors influencing international student enrollment at U.S. higher education institutions to produce Factors Influencing International Student Enrollment Growth and Decline: A Multi-Factor Analysis of 2 Decades of Data
Guidelines Ethical Practices Recruitment
Guidelines for Ethical Practices in International Student Recruitment is a training guide for international education administrators seeking to improve the ethics of their recruitment practices. Part 1 provides an overview of the topic from knowledgeable administrators and practitioners and includes
ITC 2023
NAFSA's 21st annual report cites exemplary practices, model approaches, and major trends shaping the current state of international education on U.S. campuses. Four institutions, from a strong and diverse set of nominees, were chosen to receive the Senator Paul Simon Award for Comprehensive
Landscape of Third-Party Pathway Partnerships in U.S.
Landscape of Third-Party Pathway Partnerships in the United States is a mixed methodology, multiphased research report that identifies the key considerations that go into making decisions about third-party pathway partnerships and describes the range of institutional experiences with such
Managing a Successful International Admissions Office
Developed to assist international enrollment management professionals in working with international applicants, Managing a Successful International Admissions Office: NAFSA's Guide to International Admissions provides an overview of issues related to international admissions. It covers international
International Student Recruitment Cover
This new edition of NAFSA’s best-selling book focuses on various aspects of recruiting, including: assessing an institution’s readiness to recruit international students building human resource capacity for international recruitment creating an international recruitment plan recruiting international
Successful Relationships Recruiting Agents
Sharing basic information and tips related to successfully managing relationships with recruitment agencies, Successful Relationships with Recruiting Agents: Essential Considerations provides readers with key considerations and strategies for making informed decisions in relation to policy and