Engaging International Alumni as Strategic Partners

Every international educator knows the value international students bring to campus, but few have tapped their institution’s international alumni to their full potential. In this book, experts on international alumni relations describe how higher education institutions can develop international alumni networks—and keep alumni connected to their alma mater by nurturing two-way relationships.

Chapters and case studies from institutions and organizations around the world cover how international alumni can contribute to:

  • international student recruitment
  • philanthropic efforts
  • professional development
  • community engagement initiatives
Engaging International Alumni as Strategic Partners
Sandra Rincon and Gretchen Dobson
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"In Engaging International Alumni as Strategic Partners, Rincon and Dobson have developed a comprehensive model with easy-to-use methods for developing, growing, and sustaining an international alumni network. This book is a prescription for institutions of higher education across the world and would be useful to graduate students, faculty, deans, and senior administration as well as the office of international students and scholars."—Osasohan Agbonlahor, PhD, as reviewed in Journal of Educational Research & Practice

“International alumni are the heart and soul of many universities. This volume will inspire those who believe in a sense of belonging and the power of experience.”—Joanna Regulska, PhD, vice provost and dean of global affairs, University of California, Davis

“Recasting relationship building to more fully engage international alumni as true institutional partners is a future-forward strategy all institutions should employ. This book is a must read.”—Liza Boffen-Yordanov, CRFE, chief development officer and executive director, University Advancement Office, Nanyang Technological University

Engaging International Alumni as Strategic Partners discusses the need for and benefits of international alumni engagement across nations and institutions, offering vignettes of successful innovations in this area. This publication is unique in that it offers specific guidance on topics including messaging to alumni, volunteer recognition, and how to define engagement.” —Lisa Unangst, PhD, postdoctoral researcher, Ghent University