Registration Information

What are the registration deadlines?

Early registration (lower rate!): October 7, 2011, midnight (PST)
Last day for online registration: October 21, 2011, midnight (PST)
Last day for paper registration November 4, 2011, 5 PM (EST)
Cancellation deadline with full refund: October 7, Midnight (PST)

What special registration rates are available?

The following registration rates are available for the conference:

  Full Conference
Community Member $100
Student Volunteers $75
Retiree $100
EdUSA Advisors $100
Government Officials $100
Early session proposal $50 discount (see below)

*Note that the special rates apply only to conference registration, and not to the workshops.

I am eligible for one of the special registration rates. How can I register for these?
If you are eligible for one of the special registration rates, please register using the printable registration form (it is not possible to get the special rate using the online registration form).
I will receive a $50 discount for submitting an early session proposal. How does this discount work, and what do I need to do to receive this discount?
If you submitted a session proposal by the early deadline, and it was approved, you should have received an e-mail confirmation of your session and of your $50 early session proposal discount. To take advantage of the discount, please do the following:
  • Register for the conference using the printable application (you cannot get the discount using the online form).
  • Write “$50 early session proposal discount” across the top of the form, on page 1.
  • Write “-$50” next to “Registration Fees” in the Total Fees box on page 4.
  • Pay the total amount less the $50 discount.
  • Attach a copy of the confirmation e-mail to the registration form.
Do pre-conference workshop presenters get any special discount on the conference registration fee?
There is no special discount available to presenters of pre-conference workshops.
I am a government official who will only present at the conference, but is not attending sessions. What information do you need?
If you are a government official who is presenting at the conference, but not attending sessions, please do the following:
  • Complete the registration form.
  • Write “Government Official, Not Attending Sessions” across the top of the registration form.
  • Submit the form to Palisades (no payment needed).
I am registering for just one day. Can I participate in conference events for that day?
Yes, you may participate in conference events included in that day only. If you would like to participate in a conference event that takes place on a different day, you must pay for that event as a guest.


If you register one day only for Wednesday, November 9th, you can participate in conference sessions for that day and in the Welcome Reception. You would not be able to attend the Awards Luncheon or the Gala Auction on Thursday, November 10th, unless you have paid separately for a guest ticket.
Can I volunteer for the conference?
Yes! If you are interested in volunteering, please contact one of the following:  
Can I receive a discount on the conference registration fee for volunteering?
A reduced rate is available for student volunteers at the conference, but no reduction for non-student volunteers.
Is there a discount on registration if I stay at the conference hotel?
No, this year there is no discount on registration for staying at the conference hotel.
Does the special NAFSA membership rate include the conference registration fee?
No. The special membership rate is in addition to the conference registration fee
Will Palisades provide an invoice for the registration fee?
Yes, Palisades will provide an invoice for the registration fee.
When will I receive confirmation of registration and payment?
Online applications will be processed immediately. Registrants will receive a confirmation online and via e-mail.

Paper applications are processed on a weekly basis by Palisades. Applicants should receive confirmation within 7 days.
What meals / food are included in the conference registration?
  • Wednesday, November 9th - Evening reception (cash bar & hors d’oeuvres)
  • Thursday, November 10th - Awards luncheon & Gala Auction (cash bar & hors d’oeuvres)
What dietary restrictions can be accommodated for the Awards Luncheon?
We are able to provide vegetarian meals or gluten-free meals for the luncheon if requested on the registration form.

Cancellations / Refunds

I need to cancel my registration – will I get a refund?
You can receive a full refund if you cancel your registration by the cancellation deadline: October 7, 2011, Midnight PST. There are no refunds after the cancellation deadline.

Fees for special events are non-refundable.
When are refunds processed?
Credit card refunds are processed within 24 – 48 hours. Check / money order refunds are processed 4 – 6 weeks after the last day of the conference.
If I cannot get a refund, can I send someone else in my place?
You can send someone else in your place if you cannot go yourself. Please ask this person to submit a complete registration form to the conference (printable form, not online). In the comments, please ask this person to specify that s/he is taking your place (please use full names).