The state of North Dakota is home to 60+ professionals and 13+ institutions of higher education that work with international education in numerous capacities, including campus internationalization, study abroad, and international student services. According to Open Doors, in 2018, North Dakota welcomed approximately 2,179 international students who contributed more than $52 million in revenue for our state. More than 417 North Dakotan students participated in a study abroad opportunity during the 2017-18 academic year.

State Meetings

The 2019 annual state meeting for international educators within North Dakota will take place on the afternoon of Friday, March 22 in Fargo. This is immediately after the Region IV conference planning meeting. Many of us will have already been in Fargo for a couple of days, and we will be excited to share updates with the ND group! We can take pride in the fact that North Dakotans are stepping up to help make the Region IV conference in Fargo in October 2019 a success. Read more in the Winter 2018 Regional Roundup newsletter.

Regional Meetings

We are very lucky that the 2019 Region IV conference is happening in our state:

  • October 20-24, 2019: Fargo, ND

The ease of travel should make it fairly easy for us to take advantage of this opportunity in one way or another:

  • Attend a training workshop!
  • Present a session!
  • Make professional connections that can enhance your daily work!


One of my main goals as your North Dakota state representative is to encourage networking amongst professionals within the state who work with international students/scholars, study abroad and internationalization efforts. The expansive prairie that separates most of our communities, coupled with the fact that the majority of our institutions are fairly small and we are required to wear multiple hats, can lead to a feeling of isolation in our work. I have found great value and satisfaction connecting with others who understand my own daily challenges and successes. I want to play a role in building a strong professional state network that can provide support and guidance to professionals in our area. Part of that process will be helping spread information about NAFSA events, trainings and other opportunities.

I will be happy to assist anyone who has any questions on NAFSA membership or the upcoming conferences.