The Region XI Government Regulations Advisory Committee (GRAC) is a sub-committee of the NAFSA Region XI Team that specializes in U.S. government laws, rules, and regulations (at the federal, state, and local level) as they pertain to international students and scholars enrolled, employed, or visiting educational institutions in the six New England states. GRAC works closely with the Regulatory Ombudspersons, the Knowledge Community for International Student and Scholar Services (KCISSS) Representative, and the Region XI Chair stream, who are all ex-officio members of the committee. Each GRAC member has specific expertise area(s) below and is available for questions you may have. Should you wish to contact GRAC members, the contact information is available through the NAFSA Membership Directory or via the GRAC members’ institutional website.

Members Position Institution Contact Information Specialization*
Elizabeth CAPUANO Secretary Advisor to International Students and Scholars, Harvard University Contact Elizabeth Capuano F / J stu / J sch / H / TN / O
Max CRUMLEY-EFFINGER Member Assistant Director, International Student Affairs, Emerson College Contact Max Crumley-Effinger  F
Amanda DORAN Chair Assistant Director, International Scholars, International Scholars Office, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Contact Amanda Doran J sch / H / TN / O / LPR
Arthur GALINAT Member, SIW Chair 2023

Director, International Student and Scholar Services, UConn

Contact Arthur Galinat F /J stu/ J sch/ Taxes
Jodi HANELT Member, Past Chair (2022-2023) Executive Director, International Students and Scholars Office, Brandeis University Contact Jodi Hanelt F / J stu / J sch / H / TN
Jessa KARKI Member, SIW Co-Chair Director, Office of International Student Services, Champlain College Contact Jessa Karki F /J stu/ J sch/ Taxes
Kathy KAUTZ DE ARANGO Member Executive Director of University Immigration Services, University of New Haven Contact Kathy Kautz De Arango F / J stu 
Maria JENKINS Member Director of International Student Services, Boston Architectural College Contact Maria Jenkins F
Sonja PAULSON Member Assistant Director, International Student Services, OISSS Brown University Contact Sonja Paulson F / J stu 
Katey PALUMBO Member Director of International Programs and SIO, Worcester State University Contact Katey Palumbo F / J (stu)/ J (sch) /ESL Programs
Ken READE Member Director, International Student and Scholar Services, UMASS Amherst Contact Ken Reade F / J stu / J sch/Advocacy
Liz SAUMSIEGLE Member, SIW Co-Chair  Director, International Student & Scholar Services, Babson College Contact Liz Saumsiegle F / J stu
Caitlin SZYMKOWICZ Member, Chair Elect 2024-2025 Associate Dean, Office for International Students and Scholars, Smith College Contact Caitlin Szymkowicz F / J stu /J sch
Emma SWIFT Member, SIW Chair 2022 Director, Office of International Education, University of Vermont Contact Emma Swift F / J stu /J sch
Mary WALSH Member Partner, Iandoli Desai & Cronin, P.C. Contact Mary Walsh All NIV / O-1 / PERM / EB-1 / NIW / I-9s / Entrepreneurs
Specialists Position Institution Contact Information Specialization*
Anthony PAWELSKI Medical Specialist Senior International Advisor, Office for Global Professionals and Scholars (GPS), Mass General Brigham Contact Anthony Pawelski J sch / H / TN / O / LPR / MED
Ex-Officio Members Position Institution Contact Information Specialization*
Katie AHLMAN Scholar Regbud International Student and Scholar Advisor, International Programs Office, Umass Amherst Contact Katie Ahlman F / J stu / J sch
Morgan KELLER Student Regbud Director (PDSO/ARO), Office of International Student Affairs, Wesleyan University  Contact Morgan Keller F / J stu
Susannah MARCUCCI Knowledge Community Representative ISSS (2022-2024) Director, Clark University
International Students and Scholars Office
Contact Susannah Marcucci F / J stu / J sch / Taxes


F: F Students and Dependents
J int: J Student Interns
LPR: Lawful Permanent Residents
TN: TN Status Under NAFTA
J stu: J Students and Dependents
H: H-1B Scholars/Employees and Dependents
MED: Medical Scholars and Dependents
J sch: J Scholars and Dependents
K-12: Kindergarten-12th Grade
O: O-1 Scholars and Dependents