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Registration Information

You still have time to register for the NAFSA All Region Summit! Your registration will not only give you access to the fantastic session content of your Region XII colleagues (on October 18 and 19), but access to content from ALL NAFSA regions October 4 - 22! It is going to be informative and fun! Don’t miss out – register today! 

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All presenters, including session and poster presenters, are required to register for the NAFSA All-Region Summit. The cost associated with attending the NAFSA All-Region Summit, including registration, is the responsibility of the individual presenters.

Registration Grants

NAFSA HIPAC District Registration Grant for the NAFSA All-Region Summit - The HIPAC District has 11 grants available. If interested, contact [email protected] and apply by Wednesday, Sept. 29th. 

Region XII Schedule-at-a-Glance

We look forward to seeing you on Oct 18 and Oct 19 for the Region XII program at the NAFSA All-Region Summit! Our conference theme is "We Rise." Please view the schedule below for a list of Region XII sessions and events. All events listed on the schedule are included in the price of registration.

Please note: All information listed below is subject to change – check back regularly for the latest schedule and details about Region XII events and sessions.

Day 1: October 18, 2021, 2:00-7:00pm (PDT)

  • Major Day 1 Highlight – We Rise for Community Service
  • Major Day 1 Event: Join us for our Social Networking Hour: Rise to Connect our Districts on Monday, October 18 from 7:00pm – 8:00pm (PDT). We will offer a variety of break out rooms you can join with different topics and activities: 
    • Breakout Room 1: "Eh, What You Said?"
    • Breakout Room 2:  "Huaka'i to a Taro Patch"
    • Breakout Room 3: "I Left My Drink in San Francisco"
    • Breakout Room 4:  "California Mug Cake Demonstration"
    • Breakout Room 5:  "Seltzer Tasting & Food Pairing"
    • Breakout Room 6:  "Coconut Candy Making Demonstration" 
    • Breakout Room 7:  "Nevada Trivia and Presentation"   
  • Sessions:
    • Newcomers Session
    • Opening Session
    • Lessons learned: How did COVID Change International Offices (Permanently?)
    • I-765 Online Filing Roundtable
    • H-1B: What DSOs Need To Know
    • Work from Home and Back - Challenges and Lessons Learned
    • Education Abroad Open Meeting
    • Wheat or chaff? Distinguishing Between Recognized Institutions and Diploma Mills
    • Growing Interest in Community Colleges: Shifting Tides in India
    • Silver Linings: Successfully Adapting for Virtual Student Recruitment
    • Preparing For Your Next Adventure: Navigating Career Transition
    • Addressing Globalization's Cultural Disconnects: Challenges for International Educational Exchanges
    • Open Meeting: Campus Programming
    • District Meetings

Day 2: October 19, 2021, 9:00am-2:00pm (PDT)

  • Major Day 2 Highlight – We Rise for Community Service
  • Sessions:
    • Is It Though? Determining when Best Practices No Longer Are
    • Scholars for Small Schools and Programs
    • Web Monetization for International Students: Dos and Dont's
    • Change of Status Roundtable
    • Behind the Consular Curtain
    • The Exciting Future of Virtual Engagement for International Educators
    • The Fulbright International Education Administrators (IEA) Seminars: Yes, You Can!
    • International Education Leadership Perspectives: Strategies and Tactics for Success
    • MoU Formulation & Partnerships: Opportunities Due to the Global Pandemic
    • Developing a Digital Strategy to Support Student Recruitment in China
    • Engaging Prospective Students: Developing Emails and Building a Communication Plan
    • 2021 International Education Research Highlights and Implications for Practice
    • Be Intentional: A Framework for Program Design and Assessment


Thank You to Our Sponsors

Region XII sincerely thanks you for your interest in sponsoring at the NAFSA All-Region Summit! We are immensely grateful for your support and your commitment to the international education community. The success of the NAFSA All-Region Summit is tied directly to the participation of a wide variety of sponsors and advertisers who share our vision and goals. This year, Region XII Sponsors include LewerMark and PTE Academic

Region XII: We RISE for Our Community!

During the global pandemic, we have seen needs rise in our community.  We would like to celebrate Region XII professionals who commit to helping others through community service. 

  • WHEN:  Before the Region XII Conference Days, October 16, 17, or 18
  • WHAT:  Make magic through community service (Volunteer -- Donate – Recognize an outstanding organization)
  • WHO:  Your beautiful self, or a group of your Region XII colleagues 
  • HOW:  Share a picture or website of a community service project, and tell us what you have done or will do and how it helps your community. 

For Questions: Contact Mia Scavone, [email protected]