The International Enrollment Management (IEM) Knowledge Community (KC) addresses the needs of professionals working in admissions, recruitment, enrollment management, marketing, credential evaluation, intensive English programs, sponsored program administration, and overseas advising and counseling. IEM is essential for institutions that wish to create a successful international enrollment strategy. The IEM KC networks offer discussion forums and a resource library connecting international education professionals worldwide.

Mission Statement

The IEM KC is a dynamic community that provides leading-edge knowledge for international education professionals in recruiting, admissions, preparation, and international enrollment management.

ACE Network

Explore Admissions and Credential Evaluation (ACE) resources and connect with peers. 

IEP Network

Explore Intensive English Programs (IEP) resources and connect with peers. 

RAMA Network

Explore Recruitment, Advising, Marketing, and Admissions (RAMA) resources and network with peers.

Dana Brolley

Seattle University
Dana Brolley is the chair of the International Enrollment Management (IEM) Knowledge Community.

Salma Benhaida

Kent State University
Salma Benhaida is the chair-elect of the International Enrollment Management (IEM) Knowledge Community.

KC IEM Leadership Team

  • Matthew Beatty, Past Chair
    Concordia College
  • Shabeer Amirali, Admissions & Credential Evaluation Network Leader
    University of Louisville
  • Sean Cochran, Recruitment, Advising, Marketing, and Admissions Network Leader
    California State University, Long Beach
  • Jaishankar Raman, Regional Liaison Outreach Coordinator
    The California State University, Office of the Chancellor
  • Emilija Zlatkovska, Intensive English Programs Network Leader
    University of Southern Indiana
  • Helen Balderama, International Outreach Coordinator
    York University
  • Krista Kennedy, Sponsored Program Liaison
    Portland State University

Regional Liaisons

  • Mike Turay, Region I - Portland State University
  • Jake Hoy-Elswick, Region II - Doane University
  • Rebecca Zhang, Region III – Oklahoma State University
  • Becky Hanson, Region IV - University of Iowa
  • Vacant, Region V
  • Ghina George-Sadek, Region VI - University of Indianapolis
  • Todd Beard, Region VII – Lipscomb University
  • Anna Wise, Region VIII - Towson University
  • Colleen Thapalia, Region X – Clarkson University
  • Matthew Johnston, Region XI – Clark University
  • Roger Fong, Region XII - ELS Language Centers - Honolulu