The International Enrollment Management (IEM) Knowledge Community (KC) addresses the needs of professionals working in admissions, recruitment, enrollment management, marketing, credential evaluation, intensive English programs, sponsored program administration, and overseas advising and counseling. IEM is essential for institutions that wish to create a successful international enrollment strategy. The IEM KC networks offer discussion forums and a resource library connecting international education professionals worldwide.

Mission Statement

The IEM KC is a dynamic community that provides leading-edge knowledge for international education professionals in recruiting, admissions, preparation, and international enrollment management.

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Jessica Sandberg, MA

Jessica Sandberg
Duke Kunshan University
Chair, International Enrollment Management Knowledge Community (IEM KC)
A seasoned international educator, Jessica Sandberg, MA previously served as director of international admissions for Temple University and held earlier positions with Community College of Philadelphia and Vesalius College in Belgium. Sandberg appeared on the Chronicle of Higher Education’s...

Aleksander Morawski, MA

Scholaro, Inc.
Chair-Elect, International Enrollment Management Knowledge Community (IEM KC)
Aleks Morawski is the director of evaluation services at Scholaro, based in Chicago, IL. He holds a BA and MA degrees in political science earned in the United States. His professional experience includes credential evaluation at private agencies, international admissions and recruitment at major US...

Katie Jabri, MA

Katie Jabri
University of Minnesota, Morris
2023 Annual Conference Committee Member, IEM KC; Past Chair, IEM KC
Katie is the associate director of admissions, multicultural & international recruitment at University of Minnesota, Morris. She received her bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Minnesota and a master's degree in leadership in student affairs from the University of St. Thomas.

IEM Leadership Team

  • Sean Cochran, EdD, Recruitment, Advising, Marketing, and Admissions Network Leader
    California State University, Long Beach
  • Emily Grubbe, MS, Admissions & Credential Evaluation Network Leader
    Duke Kunshan University
  • Sabriya D. McWilliams, MS, Intensive English Programs Network Leader
    Temple University
  • Marigold Setsuko Holmes, MS, Sponsored Program Liaison
    Oregon State University
  • Elle Butler, MS, Regional Liaison Outreach Coordinator
    IDP Connect

Regional Liaisons

  • Mike Turay, MS, Region I - Portland State University
  • Pending, Region II
  • Esther Zhao, Region III - Baylor University
  • Amanda Hager, MA, Region IV - University of St. Thomas
  • Karin Christoph Brown, MA, Region V - One Earth International Credential Evaluations
  • Zachariah Mathew, PhD, Region VI - Indiana State University
  • Stephanie Sieggreen, MBA, Region VII - University of Tennessee Knoxville
  • Rachel Scholten, MA, Region VIII - Loyola University of Maryland
  • Anna Wise, EdD, Region X - Hamilton College
  • Keith Gallinelli, MBA, Region XI - Sacred Heart University
  • Jinous Kasravi, PhD, Region XII - Diversity Abroad