Committee: International Education Leadership Knowledge Community (IEL KC)  
Position: Member, Communications & Engagement (LIZN Leader)
Term: January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2024

The International Education Leadership Knowledge Community (IEL KC) addresses the needs of new and experienced senior international officers (SIOs), those international education leaders who are engaged in envisioning, leading, and building commitment for internationalization by working at the nexus of administration, faculty, and international education services.

This position is a member of the IEL KC leadership team and provides oversight of the Leading Internationalization network (LIZN), the IEL KC’s professional network and primary vehicle for disseminating knowledge and information relevant to SIOs. This position also works closely with the IEL KC Communications & Engagement member responsible for engagement with the NAFSA National Academy and Regional Liaisons.

Position updated August 2022

Major Functions and Responsibilities
Sample Projects