Several automatic actions that are built in to SEVIS programming will be activated on Thursday, February 5, 2004. These automatic actions had already been programmed into the F, M, and J SEVIS applications, but until now, they had been suspended by DHS and DOS to give schools and programs time to adjust to SEVIS.

Among these are functions that will automatically convert SEVIS records where the individual has not been registered (F/M) or validated (J) in SEVIS. For those who actually enter the United States, DHS policy requires that F/M records be registered within 30 days of the program start date (for new students) and within 30 days of the next session start date each semester thereafter (for continuing students). Likewise, J regulations require that a J exchange visitor that has entered the United States be validated within 30 days of program start date. In order to avoid SEVIS records being made "Inactive" or "Invalid" (those who have not entered the U.S. and are without a port of entry (POE) record in SEVIS) or status changed to "No Show" (those who have entered the U.S. and have a POE record in SEVIS), DOS and DHS have instructed DSOs and ROs to assess their SEVIS records that might be affected by the automatic conversion, and to defer attendance or register F/M records as appropriate; and to amend/validate J records as appropriate, before this maintenance takes place.

The Department of State Exchange Visitor Program (DOS-EVP) has provided NAFSA with a notice that they will begin sending to J exchange program sponsors. The DOS-EVP notice instructs programs to assess their SEVIS records that may be affected by the automatic actions, before midnight on Wednesday, February 4, 2004, especially to ensure that all participants now in the U.S. have been properly Validated in SEVIS. AMDOC#: 200402002