In a final rule published on October 28, 2003, DHS added Rutgers University, Indiana University, and Harvard University to the list of institutions recognized for the purpose of preserving residence in the United States for naturalization purposes. The list of recognized American institutions of research is maintained at 8 CFR 316.20. [68 Fed. Reg. 61333 (October 28, 2003)].

Under certain circumstances, resident aliens and their dependents who expect to be continuously absent from the United States for one year or more because of work at one of the recognized “American institutions of research” may apply for permission to be absent without interrupting their "continuity of residence" continuous residence requirement for naturalization purposes. An institution must apply to DHS to be recognized as an American institution of research for this purpose. Employees of institutions not on the list of recognized institutions cannot apply for preservation of residence on that basis. AMDOC#: 200310011