DHS final list of SEVIS system changes that were included in the SEVIS 4.10 release, implemented on March 20, 2004.

For F/M users, the SEVIS Release 4.10 system changes include:

  • A program can no longer be extended after the program completion date.
  • A new functionality allows F-1 changes of educational level (before, change of educational level was accomplished by a cumbersome use of the “extend program” functionality). The new function lets the P/DSO update the record of the current program in SEVIS RTI until the student begins the new level. A side effect of this change is that records that have had a change of education level action will not be updateable through the SEVIS Batch interface, until the record associated with the prior program is "completed."
  • The P/DSO can cancel requests for OPT and off-campus employment, but only for requests that have not yet been sent for adjudication by USCIS. The P/DSO can also now cancel a CPT segment prior to the employment start date.

    For M schools, a P/DSO can cancel an M-1 extension request that has not yet been adjudicated by USCIS, and to print M-1 and M-2 I-20s while extension requests are pending.

    For J users, the system changes include:
  • Fixes to the Annual Report, Secondary Student Placement Report, and Profile of Sponsor Activity Report, which will present the correct data.
  • Improvements to the exchange visitor search functionality
  • J records can now be created with “United States” or a U.S. territory as the country of birth, but only if the exchange visitor had been born to a foreign diplomat or has officially renounced U.S. citizenship. AMDOC#: 200403002