Final SEVIS Fee/School Recertification Rule Effective October 27, 2008

73 Fed. Reg. 55683 (September 26, 2008)

ICE published the final SEVIS fee/recertification rule on September 26, 2008. The rule is effective on October 27, 2008.

Brief Summary

The rule has three principal parts:
  • Fee hikes of SEVIS I-901, initial certification, and site visit fees
  • Rules for recertification of F and M schools
  • New I-17 and maintenance of school certification rules

Fee Hikes Effective October 27, 2008

ItemBefore 10/27/08
On and After 10/27/08
I-901 F/M Students
I-901 J-1 Exchange Visitors
I-901  J-1 Au Pairs, Camp Counselors,
 Summer Work Study
I-901 J-1 Federally sponsored exchange visitor programs (program code starts with G-1, G-2, G-3, or G-7)$0$0
F or M School Initial Certification
Initial Certification Site Visits, and Site Visits for Adding an Additional Campus


Some notes about recertification under the new rule, from an SEVP guidance document:
  • Recertification will occur in phases, i.e., not all schools will apply for recertification at the same time.
  • SEVP has not yet begun the recertification process. Schools cannot apply for recertification until they have been notified to do so by SEVP.
  • Each month following the first notification, SEVP will send 180-day notices to additional schools, until all schools currently eligible for recertification have gone through the process.
  • A school cannot begin the recertification process until it receives its 180-day notice. The notice will be sent to the PDSO and all DSOs as well.
  • After being recertified the first time, schools will receive a new certification expiration date, and will then have to apply for recertification before that date every two years thereafter.

New I-17 and Maintenance of School Certification Rules

The final rule also establishes the following changes:
  • Alter the list of records a school is required to keep on individual students.
  • Specify I-17 upkeep requirements.
  • New rules for "out-of-cycle" review of certified schools, which DHS can institute at any time during a school's certification period.

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