A SEVIS Release 6.7 System Changes Notice explains the changes implemented with SEVIS 6.7 on the production release date of April 22, 2011:


An overview of the SEVIS Batch modifications with Release 6.7 can be found in the Release 6.7 Batch System Changes document on the SEVIS Batch page of ice.gov (http://www.ice.gov/sevis/schools/batch.htm). The updated SEVISTable.xsd and Batch Application Program Interface (API), including the lookup tables, are also available on this page.

All Users

Driver’s License Number and State

SEVIS will no longer capture or store driver’s license data for F-1/M-1 students, J-1 exchange visitors, and J-2 spouses/dependents. Therefore, the following two changes will be required:

  • Both the Driver’s License Number and Driver’s License Issue/Issuing State fields will be removed.
  • All existing driver’s license data will be permanently deleted from the SEVIS database.

F/M School Officials

Email Address for Student and Spouse/Dependents

School officials will be able to enter/edit an optional email address for a student and his/her spouse/dependents. The new Email Address field will be available to a school official within the following events:

  • Create New Student
  • Personal Information Edit
  • Request Reinstatement
  • Create Transfer-in Form I-20
  • Add Dependent
  • Update Dependent

If data exists in the Email Address field upon submission of either a Transfer or Change of Education Level, the follow will apply:

  • Transfer – The email address will be carried over from the transfer-out school. Officials at the transfer-in school may modify upon creation of the Form I-20 or via a subsequent edit/update.
  • Change of Education Level – The email address will remain on the record at the new education level. School officials may modify via a subsequent edit/update.

J Sponsor Officials

Annual Report (Form DS-3097)

The Annual Report will be redesigned to be generated as Form DS-3097, Exchange Visitor Program Annual Report. Enhancements will include the following:

  • Report will be generated in Portable Document Format (PDF). SEVIS will require Adobe Reader version 9 (or higher) in order to generate the Form DS-3097. The latest version of Adobe Reader can be downloaded via the Get Plug-Ins link on the right side of the SEVIS navigation bar.
  • The Activity by Category section will be modified to include a total count of J-2 spouse/dependent records. These counts will be based on the number of spouse/dependent records either included with creation of the exchange visitor record or added when the exchange visitor is in Initial status.
  • Spouse/Dependent records added to an Active status exchange visitor will not be included in this count.
  • A new section will be added to the Statistical Report to provide a historical count of exchange visitor records at the program by SEVIS status. This count will be current as of the time the Form DS-3097 is generated.
  • The Program Evaluation will be presented as six questions, five specific plus one for general comments. Sponsor officials will generate responses to these questions in a separate document and attach it to the Form DS-3097 when submitting to the Department of State.

The Form DS-3097 will only include data from January 1, 2006 to date. Therefore, when a sponsor official generates an Annual Report, the selections in the Annual Report Year drop-down list will be limited based on the Annual Reporting Cycle:

  • Calendar Year – 2006 to date.
  • Academic Year –2007 to date.
  • Fiscal Year –2007 to date.

Program Status Change Date

When a program’s status changes to Withdrawn, the status change date will be displayed on the Program Information screen. The date will be viewable to sponsor officials in the Program Status field (e.g., WITHDRAWN 10/20/2011).

Change of Status to J-1

If a nonimmigrant is approved to change to J-1 status, SEVIS will require his/her Initial status record to be validated within 30 days of the earlier of the following two dates:

  • Program Start Date in SEVIS
  • Benefit Start Date on the Form I-797 Approval Notice

Sponsor official failure to validate within this timeframe will result in SEVIS automatically setting the exchange visitor record to No Show status.

Form DS-3036 and Form DS-3037

Both the Form DS-3036, Exchange Visitor Program Application, and Form DS-3037, Update of Information on Exchange Visitor Program Sponsor, will be cosmetically updated as per the request of the U.S Department of State Office of Designation. The SEVIS screens related to these forms will also be modified to reflect the up to date information.

User Manuals, Online Help, and Tutorials

The SEVIS Online Help and user manuals for school and sponsor officials will be updated as necessary to reflect the changes implemented with SEVIS Release 6.7.