The international student and scholar services office is often one of the busiest places on campus, and if an emergency situation arises involving international students and/or scholars, having a plan of action is the best way to ensure that you and your staff are equipped to handle it. Whether the issue affects large groups of students and scholars or a single individual, the campus community or a whole country, Crisis Management in a Cross-Cultural Setting: International Student and Scholar Services will help you prepare for the worst.

Experienced international educators draw on case studies in each chapter and share guidance on how to resolve crises ranging from arrests to natural disasters to mental health emergencies and everything in between.

Checklists included in each chapter are designed to assist the reader in developing a response plan for prevalent crisis events. These checklists identify key considerations and action items specific to the parameters of the crisis. NAFSA has made all of the checklists available free of charge on the NAFSA website. Download the checklists below and keep them in a safe, convenient location in preparation for a crisis situation.

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Section I: Responding to Crisis Situations that Affect Groups of Students and Scholars

Section II: Responding to Individual Crisis Situations

Section III: Responding to a Crisis that Affects the ISSS Office

For additional guidance and resources on ways to prepare the international student or scholar service office for an emergency crisis, read Crisis Management in a Cross-Cultural Setting: International Student and Scholar Services, which can be purchased online from the NAFSA bookstore.