A Guide to Practitioner Research in International Education

September 28, 2020

A new resource has been developed for international education practitioners (and scholar-practitioners) interested in conducting research—A Guide to Practitioner Research in International Education. NAFSA has been pleased to collaborate with the International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) on this important guide for international educators focused on recognizing common issues in conducting practice-focused research, identifying opportunities for sharing findings with others, and providing recommendations for those seeking additional research training.

This guide is intended for anyone working (or hoping to work) in international education and interested in conducting research or systematically reflecting on practice and sharing insights to benefit others. Wherever you identify on the scholar-practitioner continuum, we hope this guide is useful as it focuses on several issues uniquely related to conducting research as an international educator. The guide is written to encourage practitioners to deepen their practice and provides assistance to develop and strengthen skills to more purposefully share findings with others.

Watch the Recording

NAFSA hosted an Author Talk for the guide on October 28, 2020. Watch the recording below.