Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (TLS) Knowledge Community focuses on curriculum internationalization, research that informs practice, and intercultural communication and serves faculty, administrators, graduate students/post-docs, researchers, intercultural trainers, cross-cultural counselors, and other professionals in international education.

Mission Statement

Equipping NAFSA members and other educators with the knowledge, research, and skills they need to engage in, encourage and support positive change practices that results in the infusion of international, intercultural, and global knowledge into the ethos and outcomes of their own work and, more broadly, the work of their organizations.

To accomplish its mission, TLS:

  1. Identifies and makes accessible, within and beyond NAFSA, new and existing theoretical and empirical knowledge that improves practice.
  2. Brings innovative people, concepts, structures, and ideas to NAFSA conferences and other educational programming.
  3. Works with others to identify gaps in research and knowledge and engages the membership in filling those gaps.
  4. Promotes dialogue that motivates scholars, educators, practitioners, and administrators to collaboratively internationalize their organizations.

ICT Network

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ITLC Network

Explore Internationalizing Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum (ITLC) resources and network with peers. 

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RS Network

Explore Research and Scholarship (RS) resources and network with peers. 

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Eylem Atakav, PhD

University of East Anglia
Chair, Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship Knowledge Community
Eylem Atakav, PhD, is a professor of film, gender and public engagement at the University of East Anglia where she teaches courses on women, Islam and media; and Middle Eastern media. She is the recipient of 2016 Society for Cinema and Media Studies Outstanding Contribution to Pedagogy Award and is...

Sora Friedman, PhD

Sora Friedman
SIT Graduate Institute
Past Chair, Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship Knowledge Community
Sora Friedman serves as the past chair of the Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (TLS) Knowledge Community. She has worked in the field of international education (IE) for over 30 years, focusing on the preparation of new professionals in the field, IE management training, exchange program...

Holly Carter, PhD

Holly Carter
Harlaxton College (UK)
Chair-Elect, Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (TLS) KC
Holly Carter, PhD, has worked in international education for 20 years and held senior leadership positions at multiple universities. She is currently the interim principal of Harlaxton College in the UK and associate professor of Sociology at the University of Evansville. Originally from Texas...

Sandra Crenshaw, PhD

Sandra Crenshaw
Arcadia University
Programs and Resources Coordinator, Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (TLS) KC
Sandra Crenshaw, PhD, is the associate provost and accreditation liaison officer for Arcadia University. She was previously the interim dean of arts and sciences, an English department faculty member, and a lead on several of Arcadia's international programs. Crenshaw serves the university in...

Meredith Henderson, EdD

Meredith Henderson
Go Global NC
Leader, Intercultural Communication and Training Network
Meredith Henderson is the executive director (interim) and deputy director/senior director of programs at Go Global NC. She is responsible for overseeing and leading the development and execution of programs for educators, policy, and community leaders and business executives. Henderson has served...

Cindy Xinquan Jiang, PhD

Cindy Xinquan Jiang
The Ohio State University
Programs and Resources Coordinator, Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (TLS) KC
Cindy Xinquan Jiang serves as the senior research associate in the Office of International Affairs at The Ohio State University. Her research involves a wide range of issues in international education including intercultural learning and competence, cross-cultural communication and adaptation...

Bryan McAllister-Grande, EdD

Bryan McCallister-Grande
Northeastern University
2020 & 2021 Annual Conference Committee Member, Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship
Bryan McAllister-Grande, EdD, is the 2020 and 2021 Annual Conference Committee member for the Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (TLS) Knowledge Community. McAllister-Grande is the assistant director for curriculum integration at Northeastern University. He is the cofounder of NAFSA's Global...

Melissa Whatley, PhD

Melissa Whatley
North Carolina State University
Melissa Whatley, PhD, is a postdoctoral research scholar in the Belk Center for Community College Leadership and Research at North Carolina State University, where she conducts research on issues related to community college student success. Her primary areas of expertise include community colleges...

Jiangyuan (JY) Zhou, EdD

Jiangyuan (JY) Zhou
Stockton University
Jiangyuan (JY) Zhou, EdD, is the interim director of global engagement and the senior international officer (SIO) at Stockton University. She is also the network leader and chair of the Internationalizing Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Network Subcommittee with the Teaching, Learning, and...

Regional Liaisons

  • Region II: Amber West Martin, Rocky Mountain College
  • Region IV: Karmen Sorenson, Sorenson Company
  • Region V: Kari Henquinet, Michigan Technological University
  • Region VI: Leslie Bozeman, Indiana University/Purdue University-Indianapolis
  • Region VII: Aaron Clevenger, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Region X: Tim White, New Jersey City University
  • Region XII: David Wick, Middlebury Institute of International Studies